All about our monitored remote building Access Control systems

All about our monitored remote building Access Control systems

Rossells have a large selection of high profile access control systems throughout the East Midlands, and this is how we maintain the various systems remotely. Controlling shared access to buildings can a time consuming job for many landlords and managing agents. The moment a fob or access card is lost, a buildings security is instantly compromised; the hassle involved with deleting the lost token from the building access system and issuing a replacement is an unnecessarily resource consuming process. Rossells have taken the stress out of controlling resident / employee access to buildings with our remote management systems allowing us to make instant alterations to building access levels without the requirement for a site visit.


Technology is moving fast within the security industry, making it easier and more cost effective for buildings to replace mechanical key systems with cards and fobs for building access. Users can be added and removed instantly without the requirement of issuing an entire set of new keys across the building.

Customers always comment on how our access systems have dramatically reduced crime rates, and make the building users feel safer within the communal areas and employees working environment. However this security comes at a cost of time and efficiency as building managers are becoming stretched to keep up with deleting lost fobs, and issuing new tokens to tenants.

So at the beginning of 2013, Rossells added another server to our data centre with the sole purpose of managing remotes sites and the associated access levels. This service allows us to instantly add/delete users, manage time zones, carry out system software upgrades and even issue email reports of user activity, system faults and ‘prolonged door not locked’ alarms.

We operate the service via a monthly fee to cover the cost of the communications link, and alterations can either be charged on a ‘per use basis’, or packages are available for buildings with higher alteration requests.

Audit trail reports can also be requested and are available via the unique remote communication services we provide.

As an addition to the reporting options, we also offer a live monitoring system, capable of reporting alarms, and user specified events to our partner advanced monitoring station. Specific instructions are then followed, and action is taken accordingly.

How does this work?

  1. All communication is processed through the speedy 3G / 4G mobile networks allowing changes to be instant.
  2. Our ‘Cloud’ servers then accept the communication and carry out the appropriate actions.
  3. Alert and notifications are sent immediately either via email, or directly to the monitoring station.
  4. Alterations are carried out by our support team when requested, and instantly communicated to the building control units.
  5. New tokens are issued via courier and are signed for by the end user.

We’ve embraced the technology available to us, and made this unique management system operate by engaging with our customers and listening to their needs.

In addition to this service, we are also reaching out beyond building security with our new time and attendance systems. This allows our customers to create tailored queries and records for use within payroll and time attendance. Our team is expecting this facility to be available early 2014.

If you have any questions regarding items discussed in this article, please call our sales and support team who will be happy to help on 0116 2628899.

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