Double Glazing, UPVC / Composite, MultiPoint Lock Repairs and Replacement

Double Glazing, UPVC / Composite, MultiPoint Lock Repairs and Replacement

We have had an alarming number of our customers suggest to our locksmiths that they didn’t realise we repaired locks to UPVC and Composite doors. So here we’re giving a brief insight as to what we do and the services we provide. Multipoint locks have now been on the market ever since the first UPVC (Plastic) doors were installed over 20 years ago. Around one year after this, they began to require servicing and replacing, so Rossells started to source replacement parts and locks from the manufacturers directly. At this point in 2013, there are now thousands of alternative models from hundreds of manufacturers, and 99.9% of them are catalogued in our database.

UPVC Door Locksmiths

If a door locking mechanism fails, it can do so in the open, or locked position… either of which is very inconvenient. Now here’s the important part: You Do Not Need A New Door! Our locksmiths can carefully unlock the jammed mechanism and keep all our inspection holes underneath the handle, and out of sight. Once we have the mechanism unlocked, we will determine the correct replacement and install a new one. If the item is not stocked on our vans, or at the London Road shop then we will re-secure your door and order a replacement from one from our warehouses for next day delivery.

After an ask round in the office, we’ve estimated that since the UPVC and Composite doors came into the market, we’ve completed over 4000 opening, repairs or replacements to them around Leicestershire and Rutland. Unfortunately we could also count a few hundred where we’ve been asked to make good again, following the bad workmanship of others advertising a similar service.

Composite Door Locksmiths

We also carry out the following services to UPVC and Composite doors:

  • New Home Buyer Lock Replacements: Lockout the previous tenants, owners, their families and neighbors by changing the locks when you move in.(details coming soon about our discount partnership with
  • Keyless Entry: Key fob unlocking is now no longer restricted to your car.. We install the new insurance approved Yale Keyless entry systems designed specifically for Multipoint locks.
  • Lost Key Lock Replacement: If you lose a key, you MUST replace your locks. If the lost key is ever used to gain entry to your home, your insurance will not pay out for any items stolen.
  • Cylinder & Handle Safe Upgrades: Following the weakness’s recently highlighted by the ourselves and the Master Locksmiths association, Rossells are now offering Handle and Cylinder replacements to combat the attack method commonly known as Cylinder Snapping. (The BBC have also highlighted this issue on an episode of Inside Out)
  • Door Alignment: If you struggle when operating the lock on your door, now is the time to call us. We can adjust + maintain your door and locking mechanism before it fails and costs you more.


Guides and Advice from our Locksmiths

Regularly oil your cylinders and locking mechanism to prolong the life of your locks. Just don’t put too much on else you’ll end up making a mess on the floor as it drips.

Stiff Door or Lock? Act Now! Nearly all of our customers who have a failed multipoint lock have struggled with locking / un-locking the door for some time. When it fails, you’re locked in, locked out, or even worse.. you’re unable to lock your door and secure your home. Please call us on 0116 2628899 so we can carry out some adjustments and save you money.

Replace locks when you move into a new home, or if you ever lose a key. Your insurance isvoid should a key be used to access your home, don’t take the risk.

A new set of handles can make a door look brand new, and they start at £20 depending on the manufacturer of your lock. Satin Chrome, Gunmetal Grey and Polished Brass are the leading sellers at the moment.

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