SIPs Door Entry and Intercom Systems

SIPs Door Entry and Intercom Systems

Door Intercoms are great; we’ve all used them and until it’s gone, you take it for granted quite how much time and security being able to identify somebody at the door before letting them in creates. So today we’re discussing Entry Intercom Systems, and more specifically: Advanced SIPs Entry Systems.

Paxton Net2 Entry Unit

Rossells have been installing entry systems for the last 30 years and over time the features, call quality and security of them have improved considerably. The switch to ‘IP’ intercom systems has made our installations seamless, and feature rich. Utilising the existing building network we are able to set up highly customised door stations, calling multiple handsets around the building. Also, a huge benefit of these installs is the option to simply relocate a handset to another point in the building without re-routing cables and the inherent mess that goes with it. A few configurations changes to the software, followed by a few cables rearranged on the network, and the system is back up and running within 10 minutes.

However, our recent installations have really been something to shout about. We’re harnessing the power of Paxtons leading Net2 Access Control systems and integrating them with an all in one Keypad / Fob Reader / Door Station Call Unit installed to building entrance, or sometimes Carpark Barriers.. But this isn’t even the clever bit! With even more integration, we are able to link the whole system into new or existing business phone systems, meaning any building phone can be assigned to ring and allow entry when there’s someone at the door.

The possibilities are endless.. Our systems are now completely scalable, and offer the ultimate in flexibility to grow with any business.

Let’s look as some examples of the systems we have recently installed:

Medium Business Premises – Main Entrance Doors

Staff currently use proximity key fobs to gain entry to the building. Contractors are given a temporary access code that is changed on a monthly basis. Visitors use the call button which calls through to the reception phone. If the reception is currently unattended, after 30 seconds the call is automatically passed through to the admin department where they can identify the visitor and let them enter to wait in reception if necessary.

High Security Organisation – Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates

All staff use a proximity key card, followed by a unique pin number to gain access to the premises. Visitors use the door station menu to select which one of the six departments they are visiting. When a department is chosen, all of the phones in that department will ring simultaneously. If the department are not expecting any visitors, staff are encouraged to move to one of the video phones where they can make a visual identification of the caller. If they are expecting visitors, they can simply answer their desk phones and indentify + grant access to their caller by voice communication only.

Small Office with Limited Staff

One of our most unique installations has to be for a small advertising company looking to create a big first impression. Staff and Directors use small proximity tokens attached to their watches, and phones to gain entry to the building. The door station also includes a call button to allow clients to call through to the office upstairs (general staff phones ring first, then after 30 seconds the directors phones will ring too).. However, if the building is empty, this is the clever part: If various members of staff are late back to the office from meeting a client, and/or their next appointment turns up early, they are able to use their smartphone to visually identify their visitor. They can kindly ask them to enter the building and help themselves to a coffee whilst waiting in reception for a few moments. What the clients don’t realise is their host is actually parking round the back of the building, entering through the rear door (yes, it has a fob reader on it too) and making their way down to reception to welcome their unperturbed guest for their appointment. Impressive.

So that’s about it with us showing off our installations.. but if you’d like to discuss a project of your own, then give us a call on 0116 2628899, or email over your requirements to for our team to take a look at. We strongly recommend our customers think ‘big’, and think ‘ideal’.. this way it will only be the limitations on technology or budget that restrict what we can achieve; and so far those rarely get in the way.

[Edit] Some of our customers like a little bit of technical info, so here’s a few lines of explanation of how our systems work. Net2 installations offer wired or wireless networking of doors that require securing, and we’ve been installing these for over 12 years. Our new intercom / door stations integrate with specific doors (usually external entrances or gates) and remove the requirement for an external keypad or fob reader as everything is built in to the station itself. Handsets with video screens can be installed anywhere in a building, so long as they can be connected to the building network. SIPs / IP Phones can be connected to directly, or through a new / existing phone server to allow complex rules and calling patterns to be applied. Once connected to the phone server, the scope and scalability if endless.. iPads, Smartphone’s, Video IP Phones, Skype and much more.. over wifi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, LTE or Satellites – Anywhere in the world.

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