Paxlock Battery Change ‘How-To’ Video

Paxlock Battery Change ‘How-To’ Video

If we’ve not mentioned Paxton’s very brilliant Paxlock to you recently, then you need to ask us about it. We’ve installed an incredible amount over the last 12 months, and the majority of them have gone to our existing Net2 customers who just wanted to add a cost effective extra door to their system.

Paxton Paxlock
Paxton Paxlock with single Net2 Fob

However, the fact that the Paxlock can be retro fitted to pretty much any door doesn’t come without it’s minor catch… You need to change the batteries every so often.

Now the question of ‘how often does the battery need to be changed?’ is tough to answer, because it entirely depends how much it’s being used, and how strong the communication is with the wireless bridge. So we’re going to widely suggest anything between 6 months, and 2 years.

Remember the Paxlock does have an override connection for the 9 volt battery (aka Square Battery, PP3, or 6LR61) located at the underside of the front panel. Simply keep the battery held to the terminal points and it will power the unit enough to offer you fob and open the door.

You will need…

  1. 4 x AA Batteries (rechargeable aren’t powerful enough)
  2. 1 x Suitable Allen Key
  3. 3 minutes of your time

Here’s our video showing you how to change the batteries:

This is one of the first how-to videos that we have published for public viewing. If there are other videos in our customer support login area that you feel would benefit other people, please let us know.

Posted by Chris Bowles

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