Updated Website

Updated Website

It’s something we’ve been working on for over a month now, but this week our website has been updated, and transferred over to its new home: https://www.Rossells.co.uk

Our updated website is here.
Our updated website is here.


With such a specialist range of services now offered by Rossells, having ‘locksmiths’ in the web address was becoming very outdated. Also, transferring a complex website can be very difficult, and so starting a fresh is better option for our team.

What’s new?

We’ve upgraded our Web Server Cluster to the brand new faster Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)

Take a look at the RaspberryPi.org website for more information.
Take a look at the RaspberryPi.org website for more information.

They’re micro linux computers that our team often use for integrating with various electronic security projects and installations. Raspberry Pi’s are also great for kids to learn on so take a look here for more details: http://www.raspberrypi.org . The whole cluster is currently sat running at around 12.5 watts, and has operated entirely on the power produced by the solar panel / batter setup all winter. When we compare this to a standard server hub running around 900 watts, it’s an impressive achievement.

Our entire site is encrypted and secure

Look for the Padlock in you browser.
You will now see the Secure Padlock in your browser.

Due to the sensitive nature of the communications and information we share with our customers, we’ve decided to employ SSL encryption on every part of our site. So whether you’re at home, work, or on a café wifi hotspot, your interactions with us are completely secure.

Everything we offer under one roof

Previously, our support system, online job management and remote customer login areas were spread across a few different places. Now we’ve brought them all together at Rossells.co.uk and it allows us to provide a consistent service.


Our online store has been given its own ‘sub-domain’ of the site: shop.rossells.co.uk

Easy to remember for our customers, and much simpler for us to manage the orders through our internal systems. We expect the new store to go live in June, and our B2B store will move across shortly after.

Super Fast Emails

Although emails will still be delivered to us if you use our old address, every new email you receive will now be from the team on our new Rossells.co.uk servers. So sales@rossellslocksmiths.com is now just sales@rossells.co.uk and that’s the same for any previous email names… simple!

If you have any questions,  just ask a member of our team…

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