Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Last week we were invited to meet up with members of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to discuss how we can work together to provide increased support for people falling victim to crime within the area. As locksmiths in Leicester, our team visit homes and businesses on a daily basis that have been subject to a break in, or attempted break in.


We witness first hand exactly how difficult it can be to regain that sense of safety within your own space, and we naturally strive to instil confidence in the security alterations and improvements we can make. However, there is a real sense of isolation and helplessness after the dust has settled, and this is where we feel your local Neighbourhood Watch could really make a big difference.

You can visit to find information about your local scheme and by joining, you will be showing your support for the good work they do in tackling crime in your area. If you notice a particular program that would benefit from your skills, then volunteer a little of your time to help your community.

During our meeting, we learnt of some very interesting case studies around the UK, where local groups, working with local Locksmiths like Rossells, had achieved some wonderful results:

  • Cold Calling Relief Zones to protect elderly residents.
  • Property watch by Neighbours when residents are away.
  • High Value property marking provided by local police.
  • Free doorstep panic alarms for vulnerable individuals
  • Increased house prices following a long term crime reduction program.

We will be releasing further details of our enhanced integration with the Neighbourhood Watch schemes over the coming months once all of the details have been finalised. If you are a local scheme that we haven’t been involved with yet, please get in touch to discuss how we can involve you with our plans.


It’s also worth remembering that your local policing unit are on hand to give you advice if you have any ideas for your local area. They collaborate with local schemes on many levels and will be able to direct your enquiry toward the best resources.

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