A New Look For Perimeter Protection Systems

A New Look For Perimeter Protection Systems

When one of our customers contacted us to discuss upgrading their existing anti-ram raid solution, our team wanted to offer something a little more fitting to the prestigious nature of their buildings. We didn’t have to look too far before we found a range of suitable products manufactured by one of our preferred suppliers: Burton Safes.

At these particular customer sites, the various entrances to the building are protected by multiple locking systems ensuring the most determined attack on foot, won’t surpass the entrance doors. However, protection from vehicles is provided by an array of static bollards installed by our team many years ago.


This time we’re going with the Street Furniture range of protection equipment, designed to offer a subtle solution that will blend in with the surrounding area. Although the units look aesthetically pleasing on the outside, they will still protect the premises against any hostile vehicles attempting to breach the building perimeter.

Although we’d love to share some photos of the actual installation, our commitment to providing a confidential service to our customers is of utmost importance.

Call us to discuss pricing for supply and installation of any perimeter protection systems.

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