What’s the biggest safe Rossells can move?

What’s the biggest safe Rossells can move?

After a fair amount of calculation, structural checks and risk assessing, we successfully moved one of our largest safes this month (October). Although the majority of our equipment is rated up to 1800kg, we always like to work within its comfortable working capacity. So after taking a detour through our local weighbridge, we had final confirmation that the safe weighed 1050KG. If it helps you run the numbers, it’s actually the equivalent of a 3 Door Toyota Yaris, all within a one meter squared safe.

Technology in safes has come a long way in the last ten years, and it is common for a new safe offering the same level of protection to weigh nearly half as much as their older equivalent. However, they are still incredibly dangerous items to move, and the more secure a safes specification, the heavier it becomes.


Rossells have been professional safe movers for more than 50 years. Our techniques combine modern technical equipment, with proven and experienced methodology. Safes can be moved up, or down stairs, across wood, tiles or carpet floors, and over banisters or under stairs. Our safe moving team also cover a lot of distance with our specialist service, from Newcastle, all the way down to Southampton.

Why move a safe?

Safes are usually ordered for a specific purpose; whether it’s securing jewellery, or protecting recovery tapes in a data centre. Finding the right safe can be difficult, expensive, and often involve long waiting times. Our safe moving teams carry out most of our works within around 5 working days, meaning that your premises move can go smoothly.

Another reason we move many safes is due to second hand purchases made through eBay etc. A lot of money can be saved by purchasing a well researched, good quality safe. It is important however to ensure your safe is checked over and serviced before use, as gaining entry to a faulty or damaged safe is an expensive mistake fall victim to.

We actually offer our own range of second hand safes available to browse in our online store. Each safe is commissioned and serviced by our own experts and sold with a full 1 year guarantee. Feel free to give our team a quick call to check what we have in stock.

How can I get a safe moved?

  • Step 1. – Take good clear photos of the safe, door thresholds and any steps or  elevations involved in the route in and out of any buildings.
  • Step 2. Make a note of any manufacturer markings and serial numbers from the outside, and inside of the door (snap a photo if it’s easier).
  • Step 3. Measure the height, width and depth of the safe.
  • Step 4. Email the photos, markings, and measurements over to sales@rossells.co.uk for our team to work with. Don’t forget to include address of where the safe is now, and where it’s going. If you also include your phone number, we can contact you to discuss any further details we may need.
  • Step 5. Our team will get a price back to you at their earliest opportunity.

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