How will Access Control help me?

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These days the term “access control” covers many facets of security, from basic lock management and restricting entry to a building, to CCTV and alarm systems.

There are many great benefits that come from having a tailored, personal system set up for your home or business and the clue is in the name. The added control  over security and utilising today’s modern technology can provide peace of mind and stability to your home and business life.

The first things to think about before considering an access control system is, quite simply, what do you need it to do?

Start simple:

      • How many doors you do you want to control access to?
      • How many users are going to have access to one or more doors on the system?
      • Next think about the different levels of security you may need within your building(s):
      • Are your users going to have the same level of access as each other?
      • Or do you need a tiered system? For example, staff access and management access.
      • Within these levels; do you need to set different times for when the system may be in use?
      • For example, would you like your users to be able to gain access at all hours or just working hours?

Now we can start to really tailor your system to your needs.

Some access control systems can allow full customisation for each individual user. This is particularly useful if your have staff working a variety of different shift patterns and you want to maintain a “working hours only” level of access.

Users can use a variety of methods to gain access, from presenting a card or fobs to a reader. Wearable hardware that can detect valid users from greater distances, allowing for hands-free access. Even smartphone access can easily be the way your users engage with the system.

A long term issue to consider is, do you want to manage your own system?

Many access control systems come with very user friendly and intuitive software, allowing you full rein over who, when and where of your system:

Who is enrolled on the system? When can they gain access? And where on site exactly can they gain access to?

Up-to-the-minute events logs allow to fully oversee your system as soon as it’s live and running.

Amongst the services we offer, Rossells can manage your system for you. Leaving any maintenance issues for us to resolve. Our access engineers are always happy to deal with any queries or any changes you might want to make to your system.

The main thing to remember about any access control system is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, tailored perfectly to suit your needs.

No two systems are the same and we can be with you every step of the way, allowing you to create a bespoke system which can be everything you need it be and more.

Get in touch for information, quotations and advice.

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How will Access Control help me?

These days the term “access control” covers many facets of security, from basic lock management and restricting entry to a building, to CCTV and alarm systems. There are many great benefits that come from having a tailored, personal system set up for your home or...

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