We Sell Used and 2nd Hand Safes

We Sell Used and 2nd Hand Safes

Purchasing the correct safe is a difficult decision for any household or business. It’s imperative that the safe covers all of your security requirements, both now, and the foreseeable future. However, cost is also an important factor to consider for many of our customers, and a compromise on security is often made.

At the beginning of 2015, we carried out our fourth customer survey and second hand safe sales came high on the list. We started building a collection of hire safes, and used safes for sale at some of our storage units, and recently we have began publishing our used safe range in our online store. Although there is limited storage space at our showroom in Leicester, we also hand pick a small collection for display at the shop too.


Choosing the right safe for you:

We’ve already covered a good part of this in our previous blog here, however we will quickly cover a few points here.

Security: Safes are graded by their cash rating, and the higher rating, the better the security. They generally start from £1,000, and go all the way to £100,000 (and beyond in very special circumstances). The cash rating actually represents to value of cash that most insurance companies will cover on the safe itself should it be stolen or broken into. If you’re security valuables, you can actually times the cash rating by 10, thus giving you £30,000 worth of cover for your jewelerry in a £3,000 cash rated safe. It is however imperative that you check with your insurance company before hand before committing to a purchase.

Size: Tall, wide, left hand hinges and top opening doors make up the many different styles available for purchase. We always recommend that you purchase a slightly bigger size than you actually currently require because we promise you will think of more things that you would like to secure once it’s bolted in place.

Locking Options: The are two types, key, or code… Key gives you the reassurance that as long as the key is in your possesition, your safe can’t be opened. Code gives you the flexibility of remaining key-less, and giving the code out to multiple individuals without the cost of duplicate keys. Codes can also be changed at any time to lockout previous users of the safe eg Ex-Staff, Cleaners etc


Rossells are safe experts… we service, open, repair and install thousands of safes every year. You can trust us to offer the best confidential service you expect from a company that has been trading for over 85 years.

Take a look at the Used Safe area of our online store, visit our showroom on London Road, or give us a call and let our staff identify the best options for you.

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