Let’s be serious – please ask us for ID

Let’s be serious – please ask us for ID

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a few improvements to our processes, and this week we’re starting with our company ID cards.

ID cards are an essential part of any service company, but it’s important to also note how easy it is to get hold of printed ID cards online. This has made residents, and companies alike vulnerable, and susceptible to fraud by individuals pretending to look like they’re from organisations we all trust. Officially the companies that sell ID cards (like ourselves) are advised to pass details of suspicious orders to the police if they trigger certain criteria on our policies.


On a monthly basis, we have to report rogue individuals or small companies that are impersonating our company. Sadly, it is a desperate attempt to obtain work, off the back of a popular, good willed company such as ourselves, but highly damaging for our reputation.

As a result of some great feedback, we’ve made some big improvements to our systems, giving our customers ultimate piece of mind when using our services. As of today, we have launched our ID check system, and this is how it works:

  • Our engineer attends your property, and presents his ID card to you.
  • You can phone the office on 0116 2628899, describe the individual at your door, and verify their status.
  • Alternatively you can go to our IDCheck area on the Rossells website.
  • Simply enter the name of our member of staff online, confirm they are a member of our team, and verify their picture.
  • If they do not appear on our search system, we highly recommend you refuse entry to your property, report the situation to the police, and alert your local neighborhood watch group.

We feel that this is the most robust method of verifying our staff, and we hope you’ll support our efforts to keep our customers safe.

If you have any questions, please either comment below, or get in touch using the many contact options available as advertised on our website.

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