Introducing Paxton Net10 – Certified Installers

Introducing Paxton Net10 – Certified Installers

Paxton revealed their latest offering at a large trade show in the summer of 2015. Our engineers attending the show were very impressed with the initial look of the system, and agreed to take Net10 into our product portfolio. Since then our engineers have completed a full training program with Paxton and have been certified to supply and install the systems from late 2015.

What is Paxton Net10?
Paxton are a market leader in access control, with their Net2 system being the UK’s most popular product. Net10 is by no means a replacement for Net2, definitely not within the foreseeable future anyway. Net2 offers extensive features for managing access to a building, and it will take a lot of development for anything else to catch up. Net10 is to been seen as a completely different project for Paxton, drawing on their years of successful experience, and applying it to the building automation market. Hand picking a selection of access control features and adding a multitude of I/O (input – output) devices, integration units, CCTV and bluetooth readers… the sky is the limit for what this system will be capable of in the future.

How Does It Work?
Net2 was based on serial and IP communication between controllers, reporting back to a PC running the Net2 software. On paper this works very well, but speaking from experience, keeping up with PC hardware and software upgrades is a tricky business and many of the support calls we receive for our systems are issues created by other software installed on the same machine. Paxton have changed the game with Net10; no longer supplied as software, but as a pre-loaded micro power efficient server, simply connected to a LAN port for communicating over either a new, or existing network to a range of controllers and nodes. Any PC on the network can now login via a Chrome web browser to manage the system with no additional software required.

Is it any good at Access Control?
Yes, and No… As previously mentioned, Paxton aren’t currently promoting this as a replacement for Net2, as the features are still fairly limited. However it still offers an easy to manage platform the average access control customer.
  • Adding, Editing and Deleting of Users
  • Desktop Reader for Enrolment of Fobs
  • Support for many types of RFID fobs and Cards (Beyond that of Net2)
  • Grouping of Users into Departments
  • Unlimited Timezone and Access Level Permissions
  • Intruder Alarm Integration
  • Fire Alarm Integration


Why wouldn’t Net10 be good for Access Control?
  • No Roll Call
  • No Time and Attendance
  • Limited 3rd Party Integration (for Gym or Golf Club Membership systems etc)
  • Limited range of readers
  • No Door Entry System Option
Net10 Case Study Examples
You get a nice early 7:30am start at the office, and present your fob to the reader. As the first to arrive, Net10 automatically disarms the security system, turns on the reception area lights and puts the heating system on boost (as it would usually not come on till 8am). You filter through your appointments for the day, and use the Net10 web interface to quickly add two of your visitors to the temporary user list, granting them access to the necessary areas. Entering their email address means that they’ll receive a free app link to download before they arrive. As more staff begin to turn up, more of the building common areas automatically light up ready for use. Come 9am the sun is shining, the light sensors shut off any unnecessary lights, and the temperature monitors ease off the heating. As the conference room is booked for your 10am meeting, the climate control unit prepares the room to the right temperature and opens the blinds. At 9:55am, your first visitor arrives, presents their phone to the barrier reader, and is automatically granted access to the car park. They can then subsequently access the main entrance and canteen areas at their convenience throughout the day. Some visitors try their luck on other areas of the building, but staff are always warned to prevent tailgating and maintain the highest level of security. Net10 has a built in recording capacity for the various building cameras, and presents them in the web interface in an easy time line based interface, helping to re-enforce the anti tailgating policy.
As the working day draws to a close, the alarmed internal areas are automatically armed as users leave their work spaces, and the heating is managed for maximum efficiency. They the final person locks up the buildings, every remaining light in the building is switched off, all the blinds are closed, and the heating is placed in a dormant state.

Everything above is well within the capability of the Net10 system, with plenty of scope for future developments.
Lets take a close look at some of the Net10 features:
Built in CCTV capability:
Net10 will record a wide variety of IP camera systems, and present them in a very easy to use web interface. With live view, and a recordings timeline, it’s incredibly easy to use. We really like the door events view, that will show you the live CCTV view from the door, and overlay name + photo of the user as they present their fobs.
Bluetooth Readers:
Tap your phone on the reader, enter your pin (or use your fingerprint), and Net10 will unlock the door. Yes maybe it isn’t as quick as presenting a fob, but it’s great for temporary visitors.
Triggers and Actions:
Every input, sensor and software variable has the option of triggering a detailed action. This gives huge scope for intelligent automation across single, or multiple buildings.
I’m looking for a new system do I choose Paxton Net2 or Net10?
Consider the following statements:
  1. I want a system that will easily integrate into an Intercom system
  2. Time and Attendance software is important to me.
  3. I want to integrate CCTV, but I’m happy using 3rd party software to integrate into my access system
  4. Am I looking for a low cost outlay on the initial product
  5. I want to design and print my access cards directly from the software
If you answered agreed with any of the above, you definitely need Net2 and more than likely you will need the Pro version of the software. If you disagreed with all of the above statements then Net10 could be for you, however you will need to consider the additional up front costs.
We have a vast knowledge and experience to share with our customers. Please contact us to discuss any questions you have, and to fully understand how we believe Net10 can help you.

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