Everyone is a locksmith, according to Google!

Everyone is a locksmith, according to Google!

Only a quick blog post today… This morning we were called out to a lovely old house because the homeowners had lost the key to the rear door.

One of our locksmiths attended, and found the following lock.

Puzzled, our locksmith asked what the story was behind the broken lock…

On Saturday, the homeowners realised they had mislaid their key, they Googled ‘locksmith’, and phoned the first one that came up. He turned up in his car, and had a handful of tools in a leather bag. He took one look at the door, put a big screwdriver in, and tried to force the lock.

After 30 minutes without using anything but a big screwdriver (what was he doing?!?)… He explained that the lock was too broken, and the only option would be to buy a new door. Apparently he had a friend who he would get to call them today and discuss the options.

He charged them £45 for the work he had done so far (?!?!?!), and left.

Confused by the situation, they started researching whether locksmiths had to be trained before they could do any work, and quickly realised that anyone could advertise themselves as a locksmith.

They rang us first thing this morning for a second opinion, and agreed that we should come and see what we could do. We picked the lock open from the other side of the door, and installed a new part.

Interestingly, our rogue locksmiths friend phoned up whilst we were there, and quoted them £1000 for a new door…

What’s the moral of the story… Anyone can claim to be anything, and anyone can pay for a few ads on Google.

Be careful with your money! Google don’t care who they list on their search results, so you should.


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