It’s server move and upgrade week

It’s server move and upgrade week

BT have finally activated our dedicated super fast fibre connection, and we can no longer delay the process of bringing all our servers over to the new unit. We have had our servers located in various places due to the fact that our old premises on London Road could only ever offer us a small and unreliable internet connection.

Access Control in Server Rack

Now we’re in our new home, we have plenty of space for all the server racks,  a three phase power supply to support the server load, all the cooling and power backup systems we could with for, and a super fast and reliable (and expensive) fibre connection to run it all from.

The consistent factor in the move will be that we won’t be touching our offsite failover systems, so these will kick in once we start shutting servers down. It is however always difficult to fully understand how these servers will handle the load of our network as it’s very rare does our entire collection of servers jump offline at once.

Although we’re doing our best to stagger the move throughout the week, there is a point of which we need to transport our UPS (power backup for the servers), and this would leave the remaining servers vulnerable to a power surge or outage, which would be too much of a risk to take.

As of Monday 10th of October, all the servers will be operational within our internal 10gbps network, and all DNS records will be updated to the new range of IP addresses hosted at the new location. Customers directly affected by outages to our access control cloud hosting services have already been notified and specific times have been arranged for the changeover.

There will be testing and commisioning taking place on Sunday 9th which will stress test the entire system to cover every type of failure we could incur. During this time there may be elements of our network that operate slower, but this state will only be temporary.

This is a pressured time for Rossells, and we would like to ask customers to be understanding of our circumstance throughout the 5 days. If you should notice something that doesn’t look quite right on our website, online store, or other services please don’t hesitate to get in touch to help us iron out any issues.

Thanks for reading!

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