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Frequently Asked Home Intruder Alarm Questions answered by our experts

Every day our team get asked many questions during burglar alarm service visits, and we thought we’d put together the most popular questions here, along with answers from our experts. We’ve focussed on the most popular questions, but if you have any other questions, please just ask.   Can I have a remote fob attached to my keys? Yes, a small battery powered device can be attached to your keys, allowing you to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere in your [...]


One Year On – London Road to Heanor Street

I’ll admit, I was asked to write this back in August when it was exactly one year on, but the world of Rossells is a very busy place and this has sadly had to wait. This year has been the craziest year since my time in the company, and we haven’t stopped once to catch our breath. It’s been both exhausting and fantastic all at the same time; the whole team should be so proud of what we’ve achieved. For [...]