Please Avoid the Scammers – TheLocksmiths24/

Please Avoid the Scammers – TheLocksmiths24/

A local company / person is using our name in their advertising to trick customers into thinking that they are using calling ourselves, but actually are using another company.

When searching for us on Google, a company called KIRILOVS LTD is showing the following advert on Google:

The websites we’re aware that they are operating under are: and

We need to stop their behavior as soon as possible, and all attempts to reason with them so far have failed. Whilst we’re working on the more official routes to get this resolved, we are appealing to our customers and followers to help spread the word.

We’ll keep this post updated with any progress we’re making.

Thank you for your support.

Update: 14/11/17

Thank you for your overwhelming support with this issue. We’ve had over 100 shares on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and around 13,000 views.

So far we know a lot more about this individual called Jevgenij Kirilov. His company runs under many names and many websites (too many to list here).

Previous customers have been in touch to talk about the poor level of workmanship, and some have sent us images worthy of the rogue traders gallery:

This rogue trader opened a customers safe. with a grinder. The safe is now completely unusable.


Further attempts have been made to contact him and so far he is avoiding our contact. Trading Standards are now dealing with the case and we hope for a speedy resolution for the sake of our customers.

Meanwhile he continues to advertise under our name, tricking customers into calling him:

TheLocksmiths24/7 continues to use fraudulently misleading advertising in an attempt to trick reputable companies from using their services.



Update: 15/11/17

Halls Locksmiths Ltd of Nottingham have also fallen victim to this scammer… Here is an image they posted on their Facebook recently.

Unlockers24/7 (AKA are fraudulantly pretending to be Halls Locksmiths to trick customers searching for a respected company.



Update: 14/12/17

Still no direct word from the the scam company, but Trading Standards, and the Advertising Standards Authority are involved and it’s unlikely we will deal with him directly. We still thought he may have reached out to us, maybe to offer an apology.

The great news is, that anyone searching for his company name on Google, now gets to see this post right up at the top. At least now any customers can review this post, and make an informed decision about his practices.

Customer reviews this post before contacting Locksmith24/7

Update: 12/4/17

It’s difficult to find the time to post all events relating to this scenario, but here a quick update. We often receive spam comments on all of our blog posts, and here’s an example of one that was left recently by someone called ‘David’. The email address is fake and bounced back the verification email.

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