How to De-Ice your locks

How to De-Ice your locks

If you’re reading this, you’re probably late for something, or otherwise in a rush so we’ll get straight to it.

This trick is for cylindrical based locks only, not mortice locks. Mortice locks are often referred to as ‘Chubb’ locks.

  1. Pour a full glass of warm (not scalding) water slowly over the lock and the surrounding area.
  2. Carefully try and insert the key, if it doesn’t insert easily, repeat with the warm water.
  3. One you have removed the lock, remember that the water could quickly freeze again, so carefully spray a good quality lock lubricant into the keyhole, and the surrounding lock mechanism to disperse the water.

We always recommend that a spot of lock lubricant is applied to locks before a cold spell. This helps prevent the freezing.

We always stock a good supply of lock lubricant, so call in to our trade counter if you require some.

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