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Our first Access Control systems were installed in the 90’s for the likes of Europcar, the two local Universities and a host of other customers that could afford the new technology. Things have changed a lot since then, and electronically restricting access to a building has become much more cost effective and feature loaded. Now we’re 25 years on, our dedicated team of Electronic Security experts take care of our extensive selection of customers, including our more recently developed intruder alarm installation and servicing specialists.

For the SME’s we offer a cost effective solution to allow staff to enter a building by use of a code or fob, all integrated into an Audio (or Video) intercom system for visitors. Larger buildings and corporations require our more advanced installations; intruder alarm segments activated or deactivated by users fobs, controlled on time zones according to their shift pattern, reporting to a H.R. compatible Time-Sheet software and all covered by an integrated CCTV system recording user movements throughout car park barriers and sensitive internal entrances.

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Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Intercom Entry Units

The ability to identify a caller before they have entered a building is crucial for overall asset and staff security. We install a wide range of analogue, and IP based digital systems to fit any budget and feature list. All of our door entry systems can be integrated with other means of entry for users of the building, by keypad, fob reader or even finger print readers. Significant flexibility can be gained with our SIP intercom installations that link with your existing telephone systems, and they can also carry video from the panels if your internal phone handsets have inbuilt screens.

Keypads for Code Entry

Electronic Keypads

Keypads are less popular in the market now that fobs / cards are becoming more affordable , however they still have their place. They offer simple access through a door, and multiple codes can be added and changed at regular intervals without a visit from one of our engineers.

Fob and Card Proximity Readers

Fob Readers

There is an extensive selection of fobs and cards available to operate with proximity access control systems. Our simple installations allow the user to purchase small packs of user tokens, and add or remove them as required by the client. If a more feature rich installation is required, our team turn to our advanced packages offering software management and integration into intruder detection system, CCTV, and building energy saving devices.

Fingerprint or Retina Readers

Finger Print Readers

Biometric readers have come a long way over the last five years, with our team seeing a marked improvement in reading accuracy. A breakthrough point for our installations has been the ability to read finger prints through latex gloves, or following minor burns. We are very experienced in this specialist area and are usually attending presentations with some of the world’s leading manufacturers ahead of applying them to our customers buildings.

Vending and Payment System Integration

Vending Systems

As well as supplying a wide range of membership integration systems, we also work alongside payment providers with Mifare technology to integrate building security with existing staff vending payment cards.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms compliment our portfolio of electronic security services, and allow us to carefully integrate our access control systems for a user friendly experience, with minimal false alarms. Backed up by our monitoring station partners, we provide protection grades one through to five with additional CCTV monitoring and confirm systems.

CCTV and Perimeter Protection


The quality of CCTV systems has moves beyond the scope of analogue capabilities. New 8K technology is moving into the video media market place, and similar codecs in CCTV won’t be far behind. We design, supply and install systems of six cameras or more, and offer perimeter protection through our Monitoring Station partners.

Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

With a range of both stand alone, and access control integrated Clock In / Out systems, our customers benefit from hassle free management of staff and payroll. Our cloud based web management portal is a popular package for customers seeking a complete and feature rich package.

Annual Maintenance Plans and Contracts

Maintenance Plans

Maintaining security equipment is essential for protecting assets, persons and information. Our yearly agreements give complete piece of mind to our customers.

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