Audio and Video Door Entry

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Door entry solutions are necessary in areas where either doors or gates need to be locked, but visitors still need to be permitted access. The most common types are audio based, with a simple call button on a weatherproof external panel, calling through to a phone based handset and a ‘Door Open’ button. Video are options are becoming more popular, featuring a camera in the external panel, presenting a live stream to the internal handset allowing the visitor to be quickly identified.

It’s important to assess the various available features before deciding on the type of door entry system, as it’s often difficult to exchange the architecture of the installation after handover. Our intercom systems are installed all over Leicestershire, featured in both 60 apartment residential housing blocks, and across 26 Leicester City Council Family Centres.

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Digital IP or Analogue

In an industry where analogue entry systems are still developing as quickly as digital based alternatives, there is no right or wrong decision when building a new system. Digital systems offer huge flexibility with how visitors interact with residents, or staff. Whether calls are passed through to mobile phones, or maybe linked into an existing telephone system. Analogue however is a robust, easy to manage system without any added complications of data networks between panels and handsets. Analogue also offers a closed circuit system without interference from external devices.

Video vs Audio Only

Video systems are gradually coming down in cost, however they are still considered as a luxury, or security necessity when planning a system. Our video intercom systems are suitable for both analogue, and digital installation and give outstanding definition. Audio only systems have also made vast improvements in voice clarity over the years, and are seen as a cost effective options for controlling visitor access. All of our systems are highly expandable, and can grow with your business, or develop with your ambitions.

App Based Intercoms

The use of smart phones in intercom installations is becoming more popular as the technology develops. Hardwired intercom panels located at building entrances, communicate through home wireless networks to apps installed on iOS, or Android devices. Calls can be answered, and in some cases video viewed before a visitor is granted access with a button push. Although there are still large areas of development ahead, our systems are stable and firmware upgradable to move with the progression of improvements.

Everything Incorporated

As our expertise spans across the entire security sector, Rossells install the most suitable locking systems alongside our intercoms. Our team of specialists even include automatic vehicle entrance engineers to ensure our systems integrate seamlessly in every scenario.

DDA Compliance

It’s important that all visitors needs are catered for, and Rossells can supply a wide variety of accessible systems, maintaining compliance with the various DDA guidance. Our dual height posts give a convenient, easy to understand method of entering a building for all visitors.

Servicing and Repairs

Rossells carry out intercom repairs and servicing, usually as part of an annual service maintenance agreement. This covers a wide variety of issue from intermittent call buttons, to grainy images displaying on the video feed. Although approached with caution, our engineers can also carry out professional surveys of existing systems that have been installed by a 3rd parts and offer various options for repair.

Paxton Net2 Entry

One of the UK leading access control manufacturers Paxton, launched a new addition to their product range in 2014, that brought a vast range of features, once unheard of in the previously available systems. They called it Net2 Entry, and it has quickly grown to be a client favourite amongst our customers. It is, as you would expect from Paxton, an IP based system, and it synchronises perfectly with their existing Net2 range of products incorporating a built in reader, keypad, and High Resolution camera.

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