SIPs Door Entry and Intercom Systems

Door Intercoms are great; we’ve all used them and until it’s gone, you take it for granted quite how much time and security being able to identify somebody at the door before letting them in creates. So today we’re discussing Entry Intercom Systems, and more specifically: Advanced SIPs Entry Systems.

Paxton Net2 Entry Unit

Rossells have been installing entry systems for the last 30 years and over time the features, call quality and security of them have improved considerably. The switch to ‘IP’ intercom systems has made our installations seamless, and feature rich. Utilising the existing building network we are able to set up highly customised door stations, calling multiple handsets around the building. Also, a huge benefit of these installs is the option to simply relocate a handset to another point in the building without re-routing cables and the inherent mess that goes with it. A few configurations changes to the software, followed by a few cables rearranged on the network, and the system is back up and running within 10 minutes.

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