Tips for Securing Your Home or Business CCTV System

Cheap CCTV systems are being sold at almost any electrical store these days, and picking up a 4 camera kit can be done alongside your weekly supermarket shop. Although Rossells rarely get involved in budget CCTV systems, we are often asked to advise on additional cameras, or upgrades. It’s astonishing how many CCTV security systems are left on an unsecured network, or open to the internet with their default passwords.

Leicester Unsecured CCTV

There are online website directories committed to sharing links to the various unsecured cameras around the internet, some boasting over 100,000 cameras. A simple online search will quickly have you browsing through private living rooms, kitchens and gardens, but the owners are completely unaware, and unfortunately there is little way of alerting them to the situation.

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