What’s the biggest safe Rossells can move?

After a fair amount of calculation, structural checks and risk assessing, we successfully moved one of our largest safes this month (October). Although the majority of our equipment is rated up to 1800kg, we always like to work within its comfortable working capacity. So after taking a detour through our local weighbridge, we had final confirmation that the safe weighed 1050KG. If it helps you run the numbers, it’s actually the equivalent of a 3 Door Toyota Yaris, all within a one meter squared safe.

Technology in safes has come a long way in the last ten years, and it is common for a new safe offering the same level of protection to weigh nearly half as much as their older equivalent. However, they are still incredibly dangerous items to move, and the more secure a safes specification, the heavier it becomes.

Big Safe Being Moved

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A New Look For Perimeter Protection Systems

When one of our customers contacted us to discuss upgrading their existing anti-ram raid solution, our team wanted to offer something a little more fitting to the prestigious nature of their buildings. We didn’t have to look too far before we found a range of suitable products manufactured by one of our preferred suppliers: Burton Safes.

At these particular customer sites, the various entrances to the building are protected by multiple locking systems ensuring the most determined attack on foot, won’t surpass the entrance doors. However, protection from vehicles is provided by an array of static bollards installed by our team many years ago.

Anti Ram Raid Street Furniture

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Who knew the TV is a burglar’s best friend?

Yesterday I was in Cambridge commissioning a security system following some alterations at a secure youth offending centre. Over lunch, I decided to eat in the main canteen area where both staff are young people are encouraged to eat together at large round tables; with a healthy selection of food on offer I seized the opportunity to mingle with everyone. The ‘security company’ branding on our clothing always attracts a relative amount of comradery amongst young people, with most of them suggesting our systems are no match for their strength or know-how.


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Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Last week we were invited to meet up with members of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to discuss how we can work together to provide increased support for people falling victim to crime within the area. As locksmiths in Leicester, our team visit homes and businesses on a daily basis that have been subject to a break in, or attempted break in.

Neighbourhood Watch Logo

We witness first hand exactly how difficult it can be to regain that sense of safety within your own space, and we naturally strive to instil confidence in the security alterations and improvements we can make. However, there is a real sense of isolation and helplessness after the dust has settled, and this is where we feel your local Neighbourhood Watch could really make a big difference.

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Eco-Friendly – Reducing our Server Power Consumption with Micro-Computers


The following blog post has been requested by various members of the Raspberry Pi (a Micro Computer!) community to share our experience whilst working on the project. This doesn’t have a lot to do with security, so we forgive our regular readers if they wish to stop here, but it does showcase the expertise of our teams working together.

Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi Model 2 ready for use in our Server Cluster.

In an ever changing world that increasingly relies on technology to bring faster and more efficient services to the customer; larger businesses like Rossells are cornered into operating their own in house server systems for a wide range of purposes. Ours for example, run our stock control, online web services, emails, monitor remote building management and handle calls through our phone system. A while ago we started by cramming our big, energy thirsty phone system into a tiny Raspberry Pi (we’ll post a link below) with outstanding energy savings. Continue reading Eco-Friendly – Reducing our Server Power Consumption with Micro-Computers