Everyone is a locksmith, according to Google!

Only a quick blog post today… This morning we were called out to a lovely old house because the homeowners had lost the key to the rear door.

One of our locksmiths attended, and found the following lock.

Puzzled, our locksmith asked what the story was behind the broken lock…

On Saturday, the homeowners realised they had mislaid their key, they Googled ‘locksmith’, and phoned the first one that came up. He turned up in his car, and had a handful of tools in a leather bag. He took one look at the door, put a big screwdriver in, and tried to force the lock. 

After 30 minutes without using anything but a big screwdriver (what was he doing?!?)… He explained that the lock was too broken, and the only option would be to buy a new door. Apparently he had a friend who he would get to call them today and discuss the options.

He charged them £45 for the work he had done so far (?!?!?!), and left.

Confused by the situation, they started researching whether locksmiths had to be trained before they could do any work, and quickly realised that anyone could advertise themselves as a locksmith.

They rang us first thing this morning for a second opinion, and agreed that we should come and see what we could do. We picked the lock open from the other side of the door, and installed a new part.

Interestingly, our rogue locksmiths friend phoned up whilst we were there, and quoted them £1000 for a new door…

What’s the moral of the story… Anyone can claim to be anything, and anyone can pay for a few ads on Google.

Be careful with your money! Google don’t care who they list on their search results, so you should.


Introducing Paxton Net10 – Certified Installers

Paxton revealed their latest offering at a large trade show in the summer of 2015. Our engineers attending the show were very impressed with the initial look of the system, and agreed to take Net10 into our product portfolio. Since then our engineers have completed a full training program with Paxton and have been certified to supply and install the systems from late 2015.
014750 (1)
What is Paxton Net10?
Paxton are a market leader in access control, with their Net2 system being the UK’s most popular product. Net10 is by no means a replacement for Net2, definitely not within the foreseeable future anyway. Net2 offers extensive features for managing access to a building, and it will take a lot of development for anything else to catch up. Net10 is to been seen as a completely different project for Paxton, drawing on their years of successful experience, and applying it to the building automation market. Hand picking a selection of access control features and adding a multitude of I/O (input – output) devices, integration units, CCTV and bluetooth readers… the sky is the limit for what this system will be capable of in the future.

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Notice of Server Upgrades – 14th Feb 2016


Sunday 14th Feb – 5am till 10am


Rossells are adding another two servers to our portfolio due to high customer demand for our web based services (mainly our cloud based access control systems). As we distribute our platforms amongst the new servers, there may be service outages estimated at no more than 2 minutes per outage, and an accumulative time of 15 minutes per service.

We thank you for your understanding whilst we work to provide you with an Eco-friendly, fast and reliable system on which we are very proud of.

Note that our telephone server, and online web ordering portal remain unaffected by the upgrades.


Documentation has been sent out to all affected customers already, with full emergency contact details. If you haven’t received your letter, or need to discuss anything further with our team, please call the office on 0116 2628899, within normal office hours.

Let’s be serious – please ask us for ID

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a few improvements to our processes, and this week we’re starting with our company ID cards.

ID cards are an essential part of any service company, but it’s important to also note how easy it is to get hold of printed ID cards online. This has made residents, and companies alike vulnerable, and susceptible to fraud by individuals pretending to look like they’re from organisations we all trust. Officially the companies that sell ID cards (like ourselves) are advised to pass details of suspicious orders to the police if they trigger certain criteria on our policies.

ID Checks

On a monthly basis, we have to report rogue individuals or small companies that are impersonating our company. Sadly, it is a desperate attempt to obtain work, off the back of a popular, good willed company such as ourselves, but highly damaging for our reputation.

As a result of some great feedback, we’ve made some big improvements to our systems, giving our customers ultimate piece of mind when using our services. As of today, we have launched our ID check system, and this is how it works:

  • Our engineer attends your property, and presents his ID card to you.
  • You can phone the office on 0116 2628899, describe the individual at your door, and verify their status.
  • Alternatively you can go to our IDCheck area on the Rossells website.
  • Simply enter the name of our member of staff online, confirm they are a member of our team, and verify their picture.
  • If they do not appear on our search system, we highly recommend you refuse entry to your property, report the situation to the police, and alert your local neighborhood watch group.

We feel that this is the most robust method of verifying our staff, and we hope you’ll support our efforts to keep our customers safe.

If you have any questions, please either comment below, or get in touch using the many contact options available as advertised on our website.

Rossells 2015 Christmas Opening Hours

A quick reminder of our opening hours over the festive period. Whilst we have you, thank you to all of our customers for their support throughout 2015.


Emergency 24 Hour Call Out: 0116 2628899

London Road Shop Opening Times

Christmas Eve – Thursday 24th Dec 8:30AM – Early PM
Christmas Day – Friday 25th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Boxing Day – Saturday 26th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Sunday 27th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Monday 28th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Tuesday 29th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Wednesday 30th Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Thursday 31st Dec Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
New Years Day – Friday 1st Jan Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Saturday 2nd Jan Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Sunday 3rd Jan Closed – 24 Hour Service Available
Monday 4th Jan 8:30am – 4:55pm

Business As Usual

Christmas Opening FAQ’s

Why are you closed throughout the Christmas period?

Rossells is an extremely busy company, with a big reputation to uphold. Our staff work tirelessly to bring the best service possible throughout the year. We recognise the great work of our staff, and feel that Christmas is an important time for family, and non work based activities.

I would like to book a job in for when you’re back after the Christmas break.

Firstly, please don’t call our out of hours engineers to do this, they will not have access to the work schedule for next year. Please send an email to sales@rossells.co.uk with the full details of your job, and we will book you into our system, then call you first thing on the 4th of January to confirm.

Is my job considered an emergency?

Is your home or business security at risk? Are your fire emergency routes seriously affected? Are you completely locked out of your home or business? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then please call us for assistance. If the answer was no to all of them, then it is possibly something that although may be inconvenient, it will probably wait until we’re back on the 4th of January.

I called the out of hour line but nobody answered.

We only have a limited number of engineers on standby at any one time. If they are busy on another callout then they may not be able to answer the phone straight away. There is an answerphone service, so please leave all of your details and one of the engineers will call you straight back as soon as they can. The engineers cannot respond to missed calls, so it is imperative that you leave a message with your contact details.