We Sell Used and 2nd Hand Safes

Purchasing the correct safe is a difficult decision for any household or business. It’s imperative that the safe covers all of your security requirements, both now, and the foreseeable future. However, cost is also an important factor to consider for many of our customers, and a compromise on security is often made.

At the beginning of 2015, we carried out our fourth customer survey and second hand safe sales came high on the list. We started building a collection of hire safes, and used safes for sale at some of our storage units, and recently we have began publishing our used safe range in our online store. Although there is limited storage space at our showroom in Leicester, we also hand pick a small collection for display at the shop too.

2nd Hand Safes


Choosing the right safe for you:

We’ve already covered a good part of this in our previous blog here, however we will quickly cover a few points here.

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How will Access Control help me?

These days the term “access control” covers many facets of security, from basic lock management and restricting entry to a building, to CCTV and alarm systems.

There are many great benefits that come from having a tailored, personal system set up for your home or business and the clue is in the name. The added control  over security and utilising today’s modern technology can provide peace of mind and stability to your home and business life.

Photo-2015-09-04-14-46-21_0488 - Copy

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You can now authorise Restricted Keys by Email with our Brand New System

Rossells have around 4,000 restricted keys registered at our office for properties all over the East Midlands. Our previous system relied on various identification checks and a signature match to authorise any additional keys to be cut, which has been 100% reliable and secure to date. We found this much more dependable than the ‘card’ based alternatives that can be lost, or used without consent to order keys online.

This method however has become a little dated since the internet became such a prominent part of our daily lives. Following a consultation with a wide selection our customers, we have developed a brand new authorisation system using a customer email address instead of a signature. Let’s face it, we all consider the security of our email addresses to be one of the most important areas of our data protection online, and so it is a suitable location for customers to authorise their keys too.


What are restricted keys?

A restricted key system, is one, or many keys, that can only be duplicated at Rossells. They can only be duplicated by us, because we have purchased the specific type of key blank, and are the only people authorised internationally to order more. They can’t be copied by 3D printers, or profile copy systems, so they are completely secure. With Rossells being the only place in the world to purchase the keys, it gives us complete control to regulate the duplication procedure in-house.

Customers use restricted keys systems for many reasons eg.

  • Rental properties: Having full control of the number of keys in circulations means that each new tenant is safe and secure in the rented property with no surprise visits from previous tenants with extra keys they had cut.
  • Locker systems: A gym or golf club wishes hand out keys to a locker, but doesn’t want them to get extra keys cut for their friends to use the locker too.
  • Business premises: Key holding staff are issued with restricted keys. If they leave, the managers will know that the member of staff hasn’t had any extra keys cut and the business is secure.
  • Homeowners: Cleaners and Gardeners can be issued with keys safe in the knowledge that they can’t have duplicate keys cut without the homeowner’s knowledge.

How does the email authentication process work?

Customers can place their orders in the usual way, either by dropping into the shop, email, phone or even fax. Once we have verified the order, a request will be entered into our secure key management system, and an automated email will be send to one of the authorised key duplication users. The user is them invited to authorise the duplicate keys by clicking the link located within the email, or by reporting a false request directly to us. Once the link has been clicked, our management software will allow us to proceed with the order and cut the keys.

The system is also incredibly quick… the whole process takes no longer than 20 seconds allowing us to still maintain our ‘whilst you wait’ restricted key cutting service.

If you are an existing customer, and would like to enrol onto this new service, please contact us by phone or email to receive further details.

If you don’t currently have a restricted keys system, but can see the benefits of this working for you, also contact us so we can share the prices involved.


After receiving many emails and calls with the same question: This upgraded service is still free for our customers… there is absolutely no charge.

What’s the biggest safe Rossells can move?

After a fair amount of calculation, structural checks and risk assessing, we successfully moved one of our largest safes this month (October). Although the majority of our equipment is rated up to 1800kg, we always like to work within its comfortable working capacity. So after taking a detour through our local weighbridge, we had final confirmation that the safe weighed 1050KG. If it helps you run the numbers, it’s actually the equivalent of a 3 Door Toyota Yaris, all within a one meter squared safe.

Technology in safes has come a long way in the last ten years, and it is common for a new safe offering the same level of protection to weigh nearly half as much as their older equivalent. However, they are still incredibly dangerous items to move, and the more secure a safes specification, the heavier it becomes.

Big Safe Being Moved

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Online Store Launched – Version 3

It’s been a busy day here at Rossells HQ after launching version 3 of our online store this morning. Back in 2011 we launched our first online catalogue, allowing our customers to search and read about the products they were looking for before ordering. It helped us create a visual  tool for viewing items we were discussing on the phone, and also helped speed up the ordering process when product codes could be quoted directly from the web.

Online Store Snapshot


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