Need a 24 Hour Locksmith?

Every Monday morning, we are overwhelmed with phone calls booking in jobs from issues that have happened over the weekend. Although we don’t make a song and dance about it, our engineers do actually cover 24 hours a day. So if you find yourself in a pickle, don’t hesitate to give us a call on our usual number so we can help you out!

Our engineers are based Centrally in Leicester, down in Market Harborough, also over in Loughborough and Melton Mowbray. We’re not going to create lots of local numbers to lure you in, just call us on our main number: 0116 2628899 and you’ll be talking directly to one of our team.

A New Look For Perimeter Protection Systems

When one of our customers contacted us to discuss upgrading their existing anti-ram raid solution, our team wanted to offer something a little more fitting to the prestigious nature of their buildings. We didn’t have to look too far before we found a range of suitable products manufactured by one of our preferred suppliers: Burton Safes.

At these particular customer sites, the various entrances to the building are protected by multiple locking systems ensuring the most determined attack on foot, won’t surpass the entrance doors. However, protection from vehicles is provided by an array of static bollards installed by our team many years ago.

Anti Ram Raid Street Furniture

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Tips for Securing Your Home or Business CCTV System

Cheap CCTV systems are being sold at almost any electrical store these days, and picking up a 4 camera kit can be done alongside your weekly supermarket shop. Although Rossells rarely get involved in budget CCTV systems, we are often asked to advise on additional cameras, or upgrades. It’s astonishing how many CCTV security systems are left on an unsecured network, or open to the internet with their default passwords.

Leicester Unsecured CCTV

There are online website directories committed to sharing links to the various unsecured cameras around the internet, some boasting over 100,000 cameras. A simple online search will quickly have you browsing through private living rooms, kitchens and gardens, but the owners are completely unaware, and unfortunately there is little way of alerting them to the situation.

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Who knew the TV is a burglar’s best friend?

Yesterday I was in Cambridge commissioning a security system following some alterations at a secure youth offending centre. Over lunch, I decided to eat in the main canteen area where both staff are young people are encouraged to eat together at large round tables; with a healthy selection of food on offer I seized the opportunity to mingle with everyone. The ‘security company’ branding on our clothing always attracts a relative amount of comradery amongst young people, with most of them suggesting our systems are no match for their strength or know-how.


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Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Last week we were invited to meet up with members of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to discuss how we can work together to provide increased support for people falling victim to crime within the area. As locksmiths in Leicester, our team visit homes and businesses on a daily basis that have been subject to a break in, or attempted break in.

Neighbourhood Watch Logo

We witness first hand exactly how difficult it can be to regain that sense of safety within your own space, and we naturally strive to instil confidence in the security alterations and improvements we can make. However, there is a real sense of isolation and helplessness after the dust has settled, and this is where we feel your local Neighbourhood Watch could really make a big difference.

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