Creating Lock parts with a 3D Printer

Not a week passes by without one of our team facing the issue of a broken lock part that is no longer available as a spare from our suppliers. Usually our choices are limited to hand making a part out of brass, or if the value of the item is worth the repair cost, we employ the services of one of our plastic moulding, or metal fabrication companies. In most cases, the time and labour involved render the safe, lock, door or handle completely useless.

We have watched the progression and development of 3D printers over the last 3 years with great interest. The accuracy and range of materials available has increased dramatically in 2014, so we invested in the technology at the beginning of 2015.

The results have been outstanding! The list of printed items has been very extensive: Handles, Lock Lever Spacers, Washers, Custom Electronics Boxes and maybe the odd handy tool for the office too!

3D Printed USB holder at Rossells

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