What’s the biggest safe Rossells can move?

After a fair amount of calculation, structural checks and risk assessing, we successfully moved one of our largest safes this month (October). Although the majority of our equipment is rated up to 1800kg, we always like to work within its comfortable working capacity. So after taking a detour through our local weighbridge, we had final confirmation that the safe weighed 1050KG. If it helps you run the numbers, it’s actually the equivalent of a 3 Door Toyota Yaris, all within a one meter squared safe.

Technology in safes has come a long way in the last ten years, and it is common for a new safe offering the same level of protection to weigh nearly half as much as their older equivalent. However, they are still incredibly dangerous items to move, and the more secure a safes specification, the heavier it becomes.

Big Safe Being Moved

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Safe as houses… Underfloor safes explained.

Underfloor safes explained in our handy guidance blog. Questions of location, fitting and moisture levels all answered in this informative article.

A little over 5 years ago, Rossells was one of the only places in the area where you could purchase a safe for your home, along with the likes of Macro and Argos (if quality wasn’t as much of a concern). Now although the internet has introduced much good, it has also brought  waves of sellers who are more interested in their sales than actually providing the correct product for their customers and so in the end you find many people blindly buying what they think they need rather than a product which is fit for purpose and of a high quality.


Underfloor Safes
A pair of Burton Underfloor safes with reinforcement kit installed.

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