Assa Electromechanical Home Security Locks Available from Rossells

Rossells presents the latest product range from Assa for the ultimate experience in home security. Locks that combine encrypted electronic technology, with proven high security 6 pin key systems to give outstanding attack resistance. The flexibility of programmable keys makes this an essential home security product for those that take the protection of family and personal assets seriously.

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Chris Bowles our Company Director commented:

"I was very interested when the product was presented to me by Assa and personally invested in a trial system for the security of my own home and family. As the owner of a leading security company in the area, it's important for me to have complete trust in the locking systems we're selling, especially when they are usually enlisted to protect high value properties and assets. I remain sceptical about other similar systems that rely entirely on electronic locking mechanisms, because time after time we see them being manipulated or compromised. A tried and tested traditional key system, with the added flexibility of electronics is definitely the future."

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