Key Cutting and Keys to Code


Our workshop is equipped with many high tech machines capable of duplicating existing keys, and creating new ones to specified code. We also have a dedicated special order team that place orders directly with the many manufacturers for restricted, often patented keys. We can also cut a large selection of car keys, and program their immobiliser chips to operate the ignition. Some cars we will require to be present, and some we can program remotely.

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Key Cutting Services

Key Duplication

We offer a whilst you wait service at our London Road shop in Leicester, where you can simply drop in with your key, and have it cut there an then. If you’re having many keys cut, we have a few comfy chairs in the showroom and free WIFI so you can relax with Spotify, or catch up on the latest happening in the world.

Keys Cut to Code

Our biggest proportion of cut keys, are produced on our automated cutting machines to codes specified by our customer. They can be for desk cabinets, boats, office filing cabinets, or master suited door locks.

Car Keys

We have a variety of equipment for duplicating car keys, along with copying the inbuilt immobilise chip. Our team can often carry out the process without the car present, however there are certain models that require access to the car programming. It is highly recommended that you call ahead with the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle so we can confirm the availability and stock levels of your specific key.

Master Suite Keys

Some keys operate as part of a larger system comprising of master keys, and differ keys. The master keys usually open all of the locks within a system, and differ keys open individuals. We have over a thousand Assa master suite systems in various establishments around the midlands, and keys can be produced from our computer systems within minutes. For master suite key order not managed by ourselves, these can be ordered via our dedicated special order team.

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