Master Locksmith Services for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

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Why are we a popular choice when looking for Locksmiths in Leicester?

Rossells started back in 1928 with a small key cutting shop, and a locksmith van out on the road. It was a name that Leicester trusted with the security of their homes and businesses. After nearly 90 years, our focus to provide a reliable brand that is still the first point of call for any area of security remains exactly the same. We have however added some talented and passionate individuals to our locksmith team to help us cover the vast array of demand for our services.

Locked Out? Gaining Entry Service

Locked Out

Being locked out is a difficult experience, and usually comes at the most inconvenient moment. Our Master Locksmith team can gain entry to every type of wooden, composite, metal or UPVC door with ANY grade of locking system. We use lock manipulation methods to limit any visible signs of entry to the door, and we always advise on suitable upgrades or improvements along the way so you’re always up to date with the latest security.

Broken Locks and Repairs

Broken Lock Repairs

Sometimes, locks stop working in the open position and occasionally they break when they’re locked. If you’re vigilant and notice an issue, you can call before it breaks. We have access to over 15,000 spare lock components with our wide range of suppliers, and if a replacement isn’t available, we should be able to repair it in our extensively equipped workshop on London Road (now equipped with 3D printers!).

New Home? New Locks

New Home

Although sometimes overlooked, changing your locks can give you peace of mind that all those additional spare keys left with the previous occupants family, friends, and neighbours will no longer allow them into your home. This is also essential for your home insurance, as items that are stolen from a property with the aid of a key, will void the policy... A costly mistake for many homeowners and tenants alike. Check our blog post for further details here

Security Upgrades

Security upgrades

We install security to windows, doors, sheds, garages, boats, caravans, cabinets and everything in between. If you’re looking to upgrade the security, we’ll send one of our MLA qualified locksmiths to carry out the work for you. Security surveys can also be carried out on the rest of your home or business to ensure there are no areas at risk.

Security Surveys

Security Surveys

Home or business, we provide no obligation security surveys around Leicestershire. Our specialists follow the ever changing guidance of the Master Locksmiths Association to identify potential weaknesses in a buildings security. We also maintain our own database of break in trends (that we collaborate and share with Leicestershire Police), to specifically focus on known methods of attack in your area.

Fixed Grilles or Collapsible Shutter Doors

Shutters and Grilles

Working closely with our fabrication company, we are able to supply an extensive range of custom made door and window grilles. They cater for every style and building use to ensure that security installations aren’t the focus point of your interior design.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless Entry

The ‘Internet of Things’ is becoming a very real part of everyday security, and although there are strong objections to handing your home security over to the internet (ourselves included); we know there is a happy medium for giving you a more convenient way of accessing your home and yet keeping up with the latest British and European Standards. There are many offerings now available for the home owner or small business, all of which can be installed by one of our qualified locksmiths to ensure you’re protected against a forces, and strategic attack.

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