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We change the way buildings operate and raise security standards...

Master Suites? What are they, and who do they benefit?

Master suites are a group of locks that operate from a range of keys. The locks can all be keyed alike, setup in a ‘common entrance’ apartment style system, or a complex design involving many sub levels of key categories. Instead of each individual door having its own key, a master suite allows a keyholder to carry one key that fits every door they are authorised to have access to. Many of our systems can be found in schools, hotels, prisons, larger business premises, hospitals and other similar establishments. Also, all of our systems offer key duplication restrictions to ensure additional keys are only distributed to specified authorised persons.

Our Design Department

We’ve been supplying master suites all over Leicestershire for the last 25 years. When we begin discussions for your design, we offer you examples of systems designed for similar organisations so you can take inspiration and further develop your ideas. We will establish the most ideal design, and present this back to you as what’s know in the industry as a ‘Lock Chart’. Our team also set to establish possible future expansions, this way we can easily implement new buildings or departments should the need arise. Only when our client is completely happy with the design, will we begin calculating a system ready for our workshops to build..

The Build Process

Our state of the art computerised machines automatically produce the keys to the highest precision. Locks are built by our workshops team, most of which are made up of over 45 individual components. By having complete control of the build process, our lead times can be perfectly calculated, allowing urgent projects to be moved to the front of the production cue when required. Depending on the complexity of the build, our workshops assemble an average of 60 locks a day.

The After Sales Service

All of our customers will agree, that our after sales master suite servicing is first class. Infact, we often have customers transferring their built systems over to Rossells to make use of our same day despatch service on keys and cylinders. Local customers often make use of our ‘whilst you wait’ key cutting service available at our shop premises. If you wait 3 weeks for your keys and locks, consider how much time one of our systems could save you.

Key Patents and Restrictions

Most of our systems are designed on ‘restricted keys’. This means the keys hold patents on their design, and can’t be produced and sold by anyone but ourselves. With this control on key distribution, your master suite will remain completely under your ruling. ‘Open profile’ systems are unrestricted, and are often abused by staff and tenants obtaining unauthorised keys outside of your control.

Assa Key Systems from Rossells, a Premier Assa Centre

"Our Guide to Master Keying and Master Suites"

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Assa Stockists

We are the Leicestershire stockist for Assa products. The market leaders in quality and innovation, Assa provide multiple platforms for us to build our master suites, backed up by a 10 year guarantee on registered projects.