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We’re SSAIB Accredited for Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control

What is SSAIB?

The SSAIB is the Security Systems and Alarm Installers Board. The board was set up in 1994 as a not-for-profit certification body designed to ensure that all consumers of security products, whether that be as an end user, specifier or purchaser, can select a suitable provider, knowing that they will receive a high standard of service and high quality products to suit their needs.

This certification is available for all providers or security systems, fire detection and alarm systems and guarding services, following a successful audit procedure.

What does this really mean?

Essentially, we as a company decided to make things as easy as possible for our existing customers and any potential new customers to act as a barometer for quality when they’re deciding who to use for providing, installing or servicing their security systems.

If you, as a consumer, see that a company has an SSAIB certification, you can rest assured knowing that the quality of work carried out and equipment used is of the highest and safest standard.

The SSAIB certification is similar to our MLA accreditation (Master Locksmiths Association, another not-for-profit organsation) which covers the Locksmithing sector of the works we carry out. This includes lock installation, key duplication, lock picking and other methods of gaining entry and ensures that these are all carried out to a high standard and using high quality parts. You can read more about choosing a locksmith on one of our earlier blog posts here.

What is the aim of the SSAIB?

The SSAIB was set up, quite simply, to maintain good standards of practice, to keep customers safe and also to ensure that the service that they pay for is suitable for their needs.

The board is constantly working alongside the emergency services, the insurance industry and manufacturers of security equipment to not only maintain these high standards but to consistently surpass them, meaning that the companies that they audit and award certification to, are always providing a perpetually improving service in all forms of work that they carry out.

What was involved in the audit process?

The audit process involves a representative (or auditor) from the board attending to inspect and review several of our existing security installations to ensure that we were providing a high level of service for all of our customers.

During the audit, the representative reviewed the overall quality of our work; from the way that intruder alarms were wired, the angle and positioning of external cameras on our CCTV installations and the suitability of the system for the site.

The audit also stipulated that all installers within our company hold a valid DBS certificate (formerly CRB) and that they possessed a wide range of knowledge and information regarding the products and systems that we use as well as the criteria of our post-installation service. This includes scheduled and emergency maintenance visits and providing logbooks and installation certificates following completion of works.

Since we have completed this audit process, our SSAIB accreditation covers our intruder alarm, CCTV, access control and electronic security installations, as well as elements of fire alarm integration with our access control and intruder alarm systems.

Why did we choose SSAIB?

Rossells has always been keen to promote a good relationship with all of our customers and for them to feel like they are getting the best deal and level of service available for their needs.

Achieving this accreditation is another way for you, as the consumer, to have an insight into the work we do and can feel as though we’re working together to consistently provide the best solution for you. This should also help you see that we’re not just another faceless company wanting to keep a level of secrecy and opaqueness around the works that we carry out for you.

It should be noted that the SSAIB is a certification body and not a trade association. Without getting too bogged down with the jargon, a certification body does not specifically have “members” but instead has approved firms and companies within its register that comply with its standards and regularly conform to their auditing procedures.

To be a member of most trade associations, you simply need to pay an annual fee. These memberships are commonly offered by manufacturers to indicate which companies supply and use their products but provide no information on the standard to which these products are installed. So whilst they have their benefits and purpose, trade associations are very different to certification bodies.

Furthermore, the SSAIB themselves are regulated by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service, not to be confused with UCAS), who operate on behalf of the government to approve certification bodies and ensure that their own procedures conform to the relevant British and European standards in their fields. Consider this as a way of “watching the watchers” and ensuring that they too work to the best interests and to the benefit of the public and the end user.

Why should you choose SSAIB?

In short, if you choose an SSAIB accredited company, you know that the works carried will be done so with the utmost professionalism, highest level of quality and transparency every step of the way.

Furthermore, many insurance companies specify that you use an SSAIB certified company for installations.

An SSAIB accreditation is not a one-off test either. The audit process is repeated annually to ensure that that same level of care, skill and professionalism is maintained throughout every installation.

If you have any questions about our SSAIB or other accreditations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact section of our website, or by giving us a call on (0116) 2628899.


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