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Why a Burglar System For Your Home Is Worth The Investment

Burglar alarms have been around for over a century but have evolved through the years. They are a standard home security measure in the UK and are installed in homes to help deter burglars. But how effective are they really? Keep reading to learn more about how they work and whether they are worth the investment.

How Do Burglar Systems Work?

Burglar alarms are typically installed in strategic spots around a home. They have sensors that will sound an alarm to notify you or your neighbors of a potential intruder when it detects any movement.

What Are the Parts of a Burglar System?

Burglar alarms use a variety of methods to warn you when they are triggered. A standard burglar alarm consists of three parts:

Control Unit: This part is installed on the wall inside your home and is connected to batteries in case the power trips. The control unit is responsible for the rest of the alarm.

Sensors: This part is responsible for detecting intruders. It is designed to trigger the alarm when an intrusion is detected.

Sounder: This part is responsible for alerting you to the intrusion. It is designed to alert you to the alarm being triggered, typically with a loud siren.

Should I Install a Burglar System?

Alarms can be an effective way to install extra preventive measures, but burglars have access to methods of getting around them.

For example, police are slow to respond to burglar alarms, and if a burglar knows this, they can stay and wait for the police to arrive and then leave before they arrive.

It's essential to check what type of alarm you have and what triggers it. Some alarms can be triggered by many different things, such as opening the cupboards, opening the front door, or even a dog or cat running around the home. If these triggers can be easily avoided, they are not the best choice of safety precaution.

Another important thing you need to consider is whether or not you are at home when an intruder sets off the alarm. If not, will the system send a signal to your phone alerting you of an intrusion?

Many security systems are now even app-controlled. Not only can they be activated through a mobile device, they can also be connected to Smart Home systems for greater functionality and scheduling.

It's essential to research and only buy from reputable alarm companies. You should also avoid purchasing them from cold callers or door-to-door salespeople.

Is the Use of a Burglar Alarm Effective?

The debate continues over whether burglar alarms are effective in deterring burglars or reducing the risk of a break-in. If you think about it, an alarm system in your home could deter burglars, as they would instead choose a house without an alarm, where they are less likely to be caught.

A survey by Security Alarms asked 1,000 of their website visitors what they would do if they heard a neighbor’s house alarm going off. Of the 1,000 surveyed, 42 per cent said they would look out the window to see what was happening or if there was a problem. Around 19 per cent would go and investigate, but 33 per cent would do nothing. And only 6 per cent of people would call the police.

Although it is reassuring that nearly half of the people would look to see what was happening, they would most likely alert the police if they did see anything suspicious. This only demonstrates that house alarms can still do their function effectively.

Alarm systems also have zoning capabilities. This means you can set the alarm in certain rooms but not others or choose to only set the alarm downstairs and not upstairs.

Other security measures, like CCTV, security lights and timed internal lights, can make burglar alarms more effective. If your alarm is linked to a security center that monitors it 24/7, it will be more effective in deterring burglars.

Does an Installed Burglar System Reduce Insurance Cost?

Home insurance premiums are based on risk. The higher the risk a home is to insure, the higher the premium. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers with a working burglar alarm. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to insure a home with an alarm than without one.

Suppose you want to receive a discount from some insurance providers. In that case, your alarm system must be approved by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board or installed by an approved installer from the National Security Inspectorate. Other insurance providers may not offer a discount for any alarm system.

If your burglar alarm is not active when a burglary occurs, your insurance company may not pay out your claim. Check your policy for details.

How Often Should Burglar Alarms Be Serviced?

Having a professional check your alarm system at least once a year is a good idea. They will test the system and the sensors to ensure everything works correctly. The engineer will also look for signs of dampness that can damage the alarm and check that all the fuses are still good.

An alarm log records any malfunctions and when the alarm has sounded. This information can help figure out what is wrong with your alarm system. You may want to get battery-powered alarms serviced every six months, as the batteries will eventually run out of power.

It's essential to have regular checks of your alarm system to make sure that any faults are identified and resolved quickly. Otherwise, you may not have a working alarm for some time before someone can look at it and fix the issue. Regularly servicing your alarm could also be required as part of your home insurance policy.


Now that you have read and learned more about how burglar systems work, how effective they are, and whether or not they are worth the investment, you can make an informed decision about purchasing them to help you deter burglars and secure your home.

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