Proximity Access Control

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Cards, fobs, tokens and discs all belong to the proximity identification based access control system. A unique, encrypted token number is encoded into a easy to card item, and when the data is exchanged with a wall mounted reader, access is granted or denied to a door or car park. We offer a wide variety of systems from a select few leading manufacturers, based entirely on their quality and after sales service.

Proximity access control is the most popular type of user identification. Reliable biometric technologies can be expensive, and keypad code entry systems leave a buildings security wide open to snooping by those in sight of the code entry area. Tokens can easily be attached to key rings, and cards can be printed on by our team and distributed as part of a wider staff building security awareness program.

A wide range of tokens, cards and fobs can be purchased from our online store, click here.

Small or Large Scale

Many of our projects begin small, and grow as the potential is realised across wider areas of a business or public services building. Proximity readers can be added to both the outside, and inside of a door to read users in and out of an area.

Online or Offline

The term online refers to a system reporting in a live method directly to the controlling computer to server. Where instant reporting, and triggers are important the system must be ran online and communication to each door is consistent. There are times when an offline system gives a good compromise on installation cost, and functionality. Offline systems update cards and doors individually by various methods, but without the need for a permanent method of communication to be present.

Building on Existing Mifare Systems

We offer a wide range of Mifare compatible systems, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with existing cashless payment systems or time and attendance recording systems.

Card Printing Services

Our workshops are equipped with the latest in card printing technologies. Allowing us to quickly print thousands of cards each day for our customers. We accept a wide variety of user database formats that can quickly be converted into a suitable automatic printed card run. Our systems can also automatically encode cards as they pass through the printing process, saving customer time and resources.

Token and Pin

Many of our system accept the ability to request both the proximity card or token to be presented to a reader, as well as requiring a users secret pin to be entered at a keypad unit before access is permitted. This feature is particularly useful to automatically enable overnight; leaving easy access by card only during the day, but requiring an extra level of authorisation during silent hours.

Handsfree Access

A selection of our customers benefit from using our Handsfree Add-On modules that allow a fob to be read then the user is around 1 meter from the door. Whether from a handbag, or pocket, the token can be authorised and have the door already unlocked as the user gets to it. When integrated with one of our automatic door openers, an entrance can maintain the highest level of security, and offer convenient access for staff. Our long range proximity readers are widely used in a range of Hospitals, Disability friendly buildings, and loading bay situations.

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