Safe and Vault Sales

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Safes and Vaults are essential for protecting the assets of any home or business. Although many people pass comment that they have no requirement for protecting valuables, the reality of it is that not every item safes protect are of high value, sometimes is the sentimental significance, or operational importance to a business. Vaults are used for protecting a larger portfolio of items, and are often installed for our pharmaceutical, or safety deposit storage clients. Either a Safe or Vault can be professionally installed by our specialist team

Types of Safe

Safes come in every shape, size and style, within three main categories:

Floor Standing or Cupboard Safes are bolted to concrete floor or wall, and offer an easily accessible options suitable for any home or business.
Wall Safes are installed into the brickwork of a wall, and provide a hidden alternative to a Cupboard safe. However, the internal space can be limited due to the size restrictions of installation into a wall.
UnderFloor Safes are very secure alternatives to the other two options. They are physically installed into a floor, protected by reinforced concrete, leaving only the lid of the safe visible for attack. By their nature, Underfloor Safes are very discrete and can have rugs or removable flooring easily fitted over them. Consideration needs to be given to their location due to them being a little tricky to access; after all you are placing your items in a secure hole in the floor. We wrote this highly published blog post with further information, read it here.

Vaults and Strong Rooms

A highly specialist knowledge is required for installing vaults, and our team have the experience of seeing a project through from design to handover. We specifically deal with a UK supplier to ensure our high customer service levels are maintained, and our designated project managers are onsite to ensure a seamless installation schedule is adhered to. With various grades, amenities and vault options, one of our specialists will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

Deposit Safes

Usually used within the retail sector, the ability for users to quickly deposit cash or valuables for secure storage add an extremely high level of protection for businesses. Items can be deposited by use of plastic capsules, document slots, or sophisticated rolling drums. Custom deposit systems can be designed for specific requirements (Cash Bags, Document Folders or Laptops).

Safe Installation

Any of the safes supplied by Rossells can be installed by a qualified member of our team. This is especially important if the safe has been requested by your insurance company, as they will need proof that the safe has been installed by a competent organisation.

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Rossells have been an established part of Leicestershire’s heritage since 1928 and after many years of steady growth have become one of the Midlands largest security services companies. We provide our quality service to a large selection of prestigious clients, including seven universities, the areas NHS trusts, and the regional Policing divisions. As well as our corporate customer base, our residential and domestic locksmiths provide an unrivalled locksmith service to all areas of the Leicestershire and Rutland County.