Safe Moving, Relocation and Bolting Down

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We had five builders here that could't move the safe more than and inch, yet your well rehearsed team made it look so easy. Jim - Leicester General Hospital

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Insured, Responsible and Calculated Safe Moving and Relocation

Our safe moving team relocate safes of every size, in every location around the Midlands. Our specialist equipment moves safes up and down stairs, through the tightest of corridors, and over any surface. Following an in depth site survey, we will put together a full risk assessment with the appropriate level of insurance to cover any areas of concern.

Long Distance Safe Moves

It is a common occurrence that people wish to take their safes with them when they relocate to another area of the UK. Our safe moving experts have moved a wide variety of safes across the country, with some even going over the channel to France. Our specialist services are quite unique, especially where safes are too big for removal companies to responsibly handle.

Removal and Disposal

In the last 5 years, safe designers have created much lighter and suitable carcases leaving older heavy concrete filled types with little resale value. We can remove from site and responsibly recycle old safes with full documentation to cover company duty of care requirements. Some safes with a resell opportunity can be refurbished by our safe engineers and paired with a new owner.

Approved Fixing and Securing Service

Insurance and manufacturer specifications state that safes must be installed and bolted into position by a competent organisation to ensure the fixing is suitable for resisting removal. A safe of any size, if not bolted down, can simply be stolen and its security compromised within the confines of a remote premises. The largest safe to date that we’ve seen vanish without a trace was just over 6ft in size, and to this day it has never been tracked down. Our experienced team employ a range of methods suitable for every type of floor to ensure the maximum fixing is obtained, and compliant with your insurance policy. If your safe hasn’t been bolted by an MLA approved safe engineers, then it’s worth checking with your insurance company... after all, it’s their decision whether they pay out following a break it.

Types of safe we regularly relocate:

  • Gun Safes
  • Deposit Safes
  • Security Boxes
  • Fire proof FIling Cabinets
  • Media / Data Units
  • Cashier Vaults
  • Residential Safes

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Rossells have been an established part of Leicestershire’s heritage since 1928 and after many years of steady growth have become one of the Midlands largest security services companies. We provide our quality service to a large selection of prestigious clients, including seven universities, the areas NHS trusts, and the regional Policing divisions. As well as our corporate customer base, our residential and domestic locksmiths provide an unrivalled locksmith service to all areas of the Leicestershire and Rutland County.