Servicing and Repairs for Safes & Vaults

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A large number of our corporate customers have yearly maintenance agreements to ensure good safe and vault reliability. We realise that this isn’t necessary for most home owners, and businesses only using their safes intermittently. Sometimes it’s a handle coming loose, sometimes a key that keeps sticking, or maybe the door simply won’t close; Rossells have strong business relations with safe manufacturers worldwide to ensure we can source any parts required.

Do not ignore a seemingly mild issue with your safe or vault, as these quickly become a large issue when you eventually become locked out. Please contact us for an easy, cost effective remedy to any problem.

Broken Handles

Handles are one of the first things to fail on a safe; they often get bashed by chairs, swung open into walls and generally suffer a lot of abuse. They can snap off directly at the joining spindle, or the connection within the bolt mechanism can become disconnected. A variety of repair methods are employed by our team depending on the potential stress the component is being placed under. In most cases a direct replacement can be ordered, but sometimes our safe team will carry out a repair within our fully equipped workshops attached to the shop on London Road.

Miss-Aligned Doors

As a safe get older, the wear on the door hinge mechanism can cause it to become misaligned with the body. The principles we use for re-aligning safe doors is simply a scaled down version of how we carry out adjustments to vault doors. In very worn instances we can manufacture spacers and replacement hinge mechanisms.

Snagging Safe Keys or Worn Locks

These need to be rectified quickly! Don’t let the problem get to the stage where is finally locks you out of the safe; a repair is a lot more cost effective, and a lot less hassle for the customer. 95% of the safe or vault doors that we attend to have been identified as having a ‘different feel’, or ‘not working first time’ before they finally break. Repairs can be very cost effective, and extend the working life of a safe or vault for years to come..

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