Free Security Surveys for any Home or Business in Leicester

Since 1928, Rossells have been protecting homes and businesses from burglaries and theft by installing a wide range of security devices. Our customers have complete piece of mind that they’re best protected from any potential threat. Our team work closely with Leicestershire Police, to tackle the growing and developing trends of crime to keep the public closely informed. This also allows us to update the methods and advice we offer to our customers.

A security survey will asses all aspects of a buildings security, whether it’s a small house, a multi building site, or anything in between.

The areas we assess include (but are not limited to):
  • Physical security of windows and doors.
  • Whether existing security measures meet your minimum insurance standards.
  • Security of high value assets.
  • Data and Document protection from Fire.
  • Coverage and effectiveness of intruder alarm sensors.
  • Analysis of protocol for reported alarm events
  • User flow and their access to restricted departments of a building.
  • Hacking / security breach risk assessment of online access control systems.
Book a free survey using the below form and we’ll offer you the best advice based on nearly 90 years in the business.