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All You Need to Know About Getting a Home Panic Alarm System

Panic alarms can be a helpful tool to have as part of your home security system. They can help you get assistance when you feel threatened or are in danger. This blog will explain panic alarms, how and where they can be used, and whether you should consider getting one for your home.

What Is a Panic Alarm?

A panic alarm is a small device that can call for assistance when you need help in an emergency. These devices can be installed in different areas of your home. Some use an internal siren, while others use an external siren.

A panic alarm is a discreet button that, when pressed, notifies the appropriate services of a dangerous situation. Panic buttons are usually hidden from intruders and can have a silent or audible alarm. When you or someone on your property feels threatened, press the panic button to alert services and get help.

If your alarm is set up, a panic alarm may contact emergency services when triggered. Monitoring services may attempt to reach you after an alarm is set off to ensure it wasn't accidental, or they may look at footage from any security cameras you have to see what is happening.

There are various types of panic alarm activation methods to choose from, which can be adjusted to suit all applications. Panic alarms can be activated by a button or by entering a duress code on a keypad. The latter can lead an intruder to believe you are canceling any security services.

Where are Panic Alarms Used?

Panic alarm systems are used in many homes, businesses, and factories. For workers who are alone for long periods, panic alarms can provide reassurance that help is nearby if they need it. Whether a staff member is threatened by someone else or has an accident and can't get help, a panic button and associated response methods can provide the assistance they need. Similarly, people in customer-facing roles such as cashiers who work late hours or receptionists may have access to a panic button to alert security services if they feel threatened or endangered.

Care homes and some older adults who live alone use panic alarm systems. These alarms usually take the form of a wearable button that alerts the user's family members or neighbour’s instead of the emergency services. So, if the user presses the button because they need help for security or health reasons, somebody can come and assist them.

Panic buttons installed in homes are mostly for security purposes. They can be placed on bedside tables or in rooms with valuable items to access them in an emergency easily. A common place to put panic buttons is near the front door so that if an intruder rings the doorbell to try to get into the house, the homeowner can immediately call for help.

Audible vs Silent Panic Alarm

An audible panic alarm will make a loud noise and notify everyone nearby of an intruder, which can help scare away the intruder and get help from neighbors.

With a silent alarm, the intruder is unaware that help is on the way, which could improve safety for you and your family. Monitoring services can be helpful for both alarms, but they are essential for silent alarms. If emergency services are dispatched when the alarm is activated, there is the risk of wasting police time, for example, if the alarm is triggered accidentally. Having a monitoring service as a middleman helps to ensure that security or emergency services are only deployed in real emergencies.

Wired vs Wireless Panic Alarms

There are two main types of panic alarms: wired and wireless. Wireless panic buttons are often used by people who are mobile and could need assistance anywhere on the property. These alarms don't rely on power, so they can still be used during a power outage.

Wired panic alarms may be more reliable because they don't rely on a wireless signal. Both alternatives are effective and provide successful security solutions. You should consult security providers to find a solution that best fits your needs and the property.

Why Get a Panic Alarm System?

A panic alarm is a security system component designed to protect you and your loved ones at home rather than when you are away. Some of the benefits of a panic alarm system include:

1. It Gives You Peace of Mind: A panic alarm system gives you peace of mind when you are alone. It can help you feel safe and secure when you can't get to your phone to call for help.

2. It's Convenient: If you have pets, a panic alarm can be helpful because it allows you to call for help without going outside to seek help. For example, if you have a small dog that runs off in the garden when you open the door, you can simply press the alarm, and someone will be able to come and get it.

3. It Can Help Protect the Elderly and Disabled: If you are elderly, disabled, or injured, a panic alarm allows you to reach a monitoring station for help. This could be an emergency service or someone you have pre-programmed into your panic alarm system.

4. It Can Enhance the Security of Outdoor Spaces: If you have an outdoor pool or an open courtyard area that's unprotected from intruders, a panic alarm can be a great way to protect your home. If you have a pool, many companies offer pool panic alarms.

5. It Can Make You Feel Safer: Although it might not seem like a big deal, having a panic alarm in your home can make you feel safer when you are alone. If you are considering getting a panic alarm, you should check with your local authorities to see if it is legal. Depending on your area, you may need to get a permit for a panic alarm system.


If you are concerned about your safety at home, a panic alarm can be a great way to get quick help from your local police and fire departments. When you need assistance, you can use the panic alarm to signal for help and provide your address to emergency services.

Rossells Security Ltd. is the leading home and business security specialist in Leicester. We believe that all staff need to feel safe in their environment, and having a maintained panic alarm will assure them that you are looking out for them. Our discreet, reliable, safe and robust systems have been installed in government, retail, commercial and educational environments, anywhere staff may require protection. If you need panic alarms installed, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today!


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