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Fire Alarms

Professional fire alarms and maintenance, that protect People, Assets and Livelihoods from the devastation of Fire.

Conventional Fire Alarm

This type of fire alarm is what most people imagine when they think of a fire alarm. It divides your premises into zones, and in the event of an alert, the fire alarm panel identifies the zone, but not the precise area. This type of fire alarm is more suited to smaller premises.

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Addressable Fire Alarm

This system is more intelligent because each individual fire detection device has its own unique electronic address. If one activates, the fire alarm panel tells you precisely where the problem is. Usually most suitable for larger or higher risk environments such as schools, care homes and hospitals.

Wireless Fire Alarm.png
Wireless Fire Alarm

This intelligent system works in a similar way to the Addressable Fire Alarm – just without the wires. Instead, it uses a secure wireless link between the sensors and the fire alarm panel. Usually most suitable for premises where lots of cabling isn't appropriate, such as churches and historic buildings. Rossells Security can provide you with a comprehensive range of open protocol Fire Alarm Systems including Conventional, Addressable, and Wireless.

A Fire Alarm System forms the core of every building's fire strategy, so it’s important the system is designed, installed and maintained in accordance with BS5839.

Because we work to the latest safety standards to support your home or business with all you Fire Alarm needs. Rossells Security can help you with whatever needs you may have. 


Our expert engineers will guide you from the initial plans and architectural drawings, through to the installation and setup of your system. We will then leave you with a manageable system for you to take on the responsibility of day to day usage. 

We can setup Fire Alarm Test schedules with our local monitoring centre so it can all be controlled through a helpful app. This means you can schedule weekly events and even amend them from your phone.

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Rossells Fire Alarm Installation (1).png
Fire Alarm Design

We offer you the latest technology from industry-leading suppliers, ensuring that the system we install is tailored to fit your specific requirements. This means we provide you with all the required functionality, flexibility to expand and upgrade, and the ability to connect with existing systems.

Our Key Features
  • Remote monitoring

  • Compatibility with intruder alarm systems

  • Full maintenance packages on any installed Fire Alarm System

  • Flexible systems with high reliability and integrity

  • Installations that meet insurance company requirements

  • 24 hour, 365 days monitored protection

  • Suitable for all commercial and industrial premises

  • Installed and maintained by a committed and dedicated team of trained engineers

  • Free risk assessment

BS 53891-1 Categories

M – Manual systems, which require the occupants to activate the alarm. This type of fire alarm system does not have the capability of detecting fire.

P2 – This type of system is installed only in specific parts of buildings, which are highly prone to fire or contain valuable items.

P1 – Since this is used to protect buildings, it is installed in all parts of the building, except in places with low risk of fire accidents such as cupboards.

L5 – This covers the rest of the parts of building that all of the above categories fail to cover. It can also be referred to as the custom category.

L4 – The detectors are primarily installed in escape ways. They may also be installed in other parts, but the main objective is to protect escape ways. This, however, is not suitable for bigger and complex buildings.

L3 – This is more suited for buildings. Detectors are placed in all the rooms that lead to the escape routes. Even the escape routes have detectors installed. This gives early warning in order to prevent crowding in escape ways.

L2 – This also has automatic detectors that are installed in areas of houses that are highly prone to fire. This is suitable for medium sized premises.

L1 – Since this is used for protection of life, it has automatic detectors, which are installed throughout the building. This is typically suitable for residential houses.

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Hi Rossells, our alarm is perfect, the chaps that came to do the installation were so friendly and tidy. Thank you for all of your advice, support and service, we couldn’t be happier and have already recommended you to our circle of friends.

Mrs. Hampton

Residential Customer - Market Harborough

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