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How to prepare your business premises for the Coronavirus Lockdown

Everything about way we live our lives has changed this week, and it will be staying this way for the foreseeable future. This situation we find ourselves in is incredibly stressful for everyone, but business owners are getting it from all angles. Once all the IT changes and HR hassle of getting staff working from home has been handled, there’s another worry to add to the list: “Will my premises be safe and secure?”

There are undoubtably groups of people that will be looking to exploit the thousands of offices, shops and buildings left unoccupied during the pandemic, but there are things that can be done to deter them from targeting you.

With so many aspects to security, it can be an overwhelming task to identify the things to focus on first, which is why many companies make use of our security surveys to help them. For those approaching this task themselves, we’ve put together some useful tips below:

Lock Everything

Yes, we know of many people who haven’t got the time to unlock two, or sometimes three locks on a door, so everyone just uses the easily accessible lock. Now is the time to find the keys for the other locks and put them to good use. Two locks usually means twice the amount of time to break through a door, and that can be enough to put them off trying in the first place.

Test / Set the Alarm

Your alarm system should be checked and serviced by an accredited company (like ourselves) at least once every year to comply with your insurance requirements. If it hasn’t been checked, at the very minimum we suggest you set the system and purposely trigger it, this makes sure its going to activate if it detects movement inside the premises. When you’re leaving, set the alarm, and listen for the confirmation tones to ensure it’s completely set.

Remove Valuable Items and Data

If the premises is likely to be left unoccupied for some time, we recommend removing specific valuable items / tools from the property to keep safe at your home address. We also suggest doing this with data devices, as there can be costly fines for companies that lose / leak customer details, even if it’s through a break in.

Lock up the cash

Cash holds the most value for a criminal, as it’s untraceable and easy to disperse. Consider relocating tills to be out of sight of store windows, or even leave the till draws in the open position of show there contents are empty. Ideally, get the cash off site to the bank or consider a properly bolted down safe to keep it secure.

Secure Car Parks

Keeping getaway vehicles away from the premises can help to deter organised criminal gangs from targeting your premises. If your car park entrance can be blocked off, or locked shut with a chain and padlock then make the most of the deterrent.

Update your details

An alarm system that is monitored, will alert an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) of an activation or issue. The ARC will then follow your predetermined instructions, which is usually to notify a list of keyholders. Make sure the details held on file by the ARC are up to date, and you know your passwords.

Call the Police

An accredited alarm system with monitoring can be used to summon the police should a genuine activation be identified. The police hold exact details on their system about your property location, and any associated risks, so they can instantly respond with the closest patrol unit. Although setting up this arrangement can take some time, the police have been prioritising some high risk systems for us.

Upgrade your Door and Window Locks

We stock around 20,000 security products, every one having a slightly different grade and purpose. Rest assured, there is usually a solution for every security problem. Walk the perimeter of the building, and identify any potential door or window weak points, then talk to us about what is available to make it secure.

Get Physical

There is one last tool in our arsenal against the determined criminal… Smoke and Sound. A common addition to many of our alarm systems is a Master Blaster; Our noisy friend, fitted inside the property, puts out 127 decibels of screaming hell. As an alternative to noise, we can also use instant smoke fogger units to quickly fill an area with smoke, limiting vision and disorientating senses. Obviously, we do have customers that use both of these options together, and it’s scary.

We hope the above information offers quick and clear advice to those of you wanting to secure your business premises during the Covid-19 lockdown. If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by email: or call 0116 2628899.


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