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Everything 2019

I hope all our readers, customers and suppliers had a great holiday break. As we welcome in 2019, I’ve been asked to outline what’s happening in the year ahead…

First, I’d like to wrap up our 2018. It was an incredible year just gone for all of the team. Having put a lot of the groundwork into our premises, team, and services throughout 2017, we were set free to enjoy serving our public, exactly the way we’ve always wanted. We added some great companies to our portfolio, both large and small, and personally, I have really enjoyed getting out to meet everyone.

2019 is going to be another exciting year for our new, and existing customers as we focus on a few things I’m very passionate about:

Home Automation – Our alarm systems are becoming smarter, and we’re creating some automation masterpieces. This not only offers some intuitive ways of keeping your property safe when you’re away from the house but also opens a wide range of convenience options once you’re home too.

Intelligent CCTV – Cameras have come a long way in the last 5 years, with a lot of focus on making behavior detection affordable to the homeowner. But with too many false alarms, the notifications are usually turned off, leaving your security disabled. We’re partnering with some proven providers who bring intelligent analytics at a cost that everyone can afford… eliminating false alarms, and giving detailed notifications of who, what, why and when.

Cost Effective Key Systems – We’ve invested heavily throughout 2018 in new advanced key machines and a wider offering of stock to give our customers affordable, complex master suite systems without the high price tag required by our larger customers. Our locksmiths will be announcing more details soon once all the product training is complete.

It’s still our birthday – Although our 90th birthday may have passed by quicker than we had wished, the commitments we made in November continue for the full year through to November 2019. Look out for exciting announcements on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook where we’re giving back to the local community that has kept us motivated for all this time.

Security Focus – Having a well-established reputation for being the go-to company for everything security is wonderful, and we’re so proud of our well-earnt title… but regardless of how many talks, surveys or installations we do, we can’t be spreading ourselves too thin. 2019 marks the beginning of our regular ‘Security Focus’ blog posts, covering the questions that we’re being asked right now, helping YOU make better choices. Keep a lookout for featured articles in your local distributed press too.

Hopefully, you can join me on our blog again in a few weeks’ time when I’m going to outline the challenges that us as a company, and you as a homeowner, organization, or business will be facing with your security in 2019.

If you’re interested in having a full security survey on your home or business, just use our online booking tool here:


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