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Home Security Tips

Looking for fast advice on home security? We’ve listed 8 of our top tips for protecting your family and property:

  1. Keep your keys out of sight – Leaving your keys on display may persuade a thief to attack your property over another. Burglars are known to use tools that can reach in through your letterbox and grab keys or other valuables, such as cash.

  2. Social Media – Don’t publish information on social media that can be used by potential thieves. Posting personal information about holidays, trips away or expensive goods gives a potential burglar everything they need to know about your whereabouts and what valuable items you have.

  3. Speak to your Neighbours – Form good relationships with your neighbours, these will be your closest ally when trying to keep your street safe and secure.

  4. Don’t hide spare keys outside – entrust a Neighbour, close friend or a relative with your keys. You may have thought of the perfect secret hiding place, but your average thief has probably thought of it too. Alternatively, consider fitting a keysafe. Several Police-Approved models are available and relatively simple to fit with the right tools.

  5. Lock up the ladders – Don’t make it easy for burglars to get into your home. Keep tools, ladders and other items that could aid the burglar, locked up and out of sight.

  6. Change the Alarm code – Assuming you have an alarm (which you should!), make sure the code has been changed since moved in or maybe following it being handed out to the cleaner or workmen. Whilst we’re on the subject, make sure your locks have been changed too.

  7. Light up the dark spots – Nothing suits a burglar more than a dark, secluded area of your property where they won’t be seen. Use motion sensor lighting to draw attention to specific areas of activity, burglars hate being put in the spotlight.

  8. Think Secure – Don’t be paranoid about security, make it second nature to double check the doors or locked at night or when you leave the house. If you’re not sure if you set the alarm, check it before you leave, or even better, get yourself a smartphone app compatible alarm so you can set it from anywhere.

  9. Be the trickster – Timers attached to internal lamps, low energy TV simulators and dusk to dawn upstairs lights can be a great tool confuse the burglars into thinking you’re home. If you really want to be one step ahead, we can install external motion detectors to automatically turn on lights around the house at night.

We’re offering free home security surveys in Leicestershire, where we can highlight any weak points and offer solutions. Use our online booking tool to pick the time and date for your survey.

If you have any questions, or require any further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.


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