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It’s our 90th Birthday

It was in November, 90 years ago that Sydney Rossell, after travelling over from Canada to Leicester, started his own locksmith business called S.Rossell and Sons. If you want the full story, read more about the journey on our ‘About Us’ website section; however the short version is, that it paved the way for the great success that Rossells is today.

Rossells is definitely one of many underdog success stories in Leicester. A small locksmiths, developing it’s customer base and portfolio of services over the years, with a well-known reputation for quality and great customer service from a close nit team of people that care. We’re confident that within almost every Leicestershire family, one generation will have had a dealing with Rossells at some point in their lives.

Most industries are allowed to rant and rave about their new customers and projects, but the security industry, by its nature, is one of discreetness and confidentiality. What we can do however, is talk about how proud we are of our thousands of customers spread across the county and thank them for putting their trust in us and our team.

We caught up with our company director Chris, to explain a little more about who our customers are, and what we do for them:

Where to start?! Many of the local banks and their high security safes. The football and rugby stadiums use our security systems. Our two universities have our key systems, as well many of the student accommodation companies that have gates and student access control systems. Leicester City and Leicestershire County Council are in and out of our trade counter on a daily basis, and I think a few of our vans never move from their buildings. I’m really happy about the safeguarding work we do for the hundreds of schools around the area, as this allows schools to place complete trust in our portfolio of services to make sure children and staff are protected from todays risks. I definitely can’t forget our thousands of domestic customers, most of which I would like to say I’ve met at some point in our involvement with them.

The team have celebrated our birthday with a great party, which included a trip out to an Escape Room where everyone flexed their problem-solving abilities. It has been the best start to our birthday month with much more planned for both the team, and our customers.

Our 90th Birthday party included an Escape Rooms Challenge

You will also be noticing the 90th logo on our team workwear as they’re out and about.

There are many announcements that will follow throughout the next year, many of which will come as we see in 2019. As the dark nights begin to creep in, and the burglary rates increase for the winter, we’ve decided to offer our expertise to help increase home security across Leicestershire and Rutland, with 90, completely free, professional home security surveys. Our comprehensive security surveys are usually reserved for customers, but we’re giving away our time as part of our commitments to the local community.


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