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Keep your home secure this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here, and we wanted to give everyone some quick tips to make sure they’re keeping mindful of their home security during December. We totally understand, we’re all too busy in December… socialising, shopping, organising travel arrangements and making sure we’re thinking about everyone close to our hearts. All of this whilst trying to enjoy the feel-good factor that Christmas brings us. We have no doubt that home improvements will be the last thing on your mind, so how about some simple tips from us on how to keep your family and home safe throughout December:

Keep valuable, unwrapped presents out of sight. Don’t tempt burglars in with valuable presents on show, keep them hidden away under beds and in cupboards. It is a fact that burglars target homes where they are guaranteed to be rewarded for the risk.

Minimise the presents left under the Christmas Tree. For much the same reason as the above tip; buglers will be tempted in by a large pile or presents.

Lock Front and Back Doors, both when you’re in, and out. ‘Walk in’ burglaries are prominent at this time of year, especially in properties where the presents under the Christmas tree are located close to the front door. A trip upstairs to fetch some more Sellotape can be long enough for an intruder to grab what they want.

Check your alarm, and set it overnight. If you haven’t got a regular service contract for your alarm, give it a quick check to make sure it still works. With more burglaries occurring during dark hours, we highly recommend you set your alarm system when you go to bed.

Make sure all windows are locked. It may seem some time ago since we were sleeping with our bedroom windows open, but are you sure they all were properly closed and locked when the colder weather arrived? Have a quick walk round the house, and make sure that none of them got missed. A burglar will always check for the easiest way in, so don’t let an unlocked window be it.

Keep jewellery in the safe. Maybe you’re proposing, or maybe you’ve just decided to buy that special watch your partner has always wanted… either way, lock it away in your safe so it doesn’t go missing. If you don’t have a safe, think of the most obscure place to hide it, and hope that the burglar doesn’t guess.

Keep access to the garden locked. Burglars prefer not to climb over obstacles and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. They also don’t like having limited getaway options. Locking garden gates deters the casual look round your property, and increases the chance that they’ll make a noise whilst balancing on your wheelie bins.

There are obviously many other tips we can offer you on maintaining a safe and secure home, but these are quick and easy steps to help you out over the festive period.

If you have any worries or concerns about your property security, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 0116 2628899. If you’re looking for a quote on an Alarm, CCTV or general physical security improvements, feel free to book using our online form:

Wishing all of our customers, suppliers, blog readers, and fellow industry friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2017.


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