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Rossells Guide: Access Control Systems and What to Know

The security of any building or facility is paramount, and the ability to control access to the building or facility is essential in maintaining that security. Door access control systems are one of the most effective ways to ensure that only authorised personnel can enter a building or facility.

Choosing the right door access control system for your building or facility can be a daunting task, as there are many factors to consider. In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of the different types of access control systems, their features, and the steps to take when selecting the best system for your business.

What are Door Access Control Systems?

A door access control system is a security system that controls who is allowed access to a building or facility. This system can be used to set up different levels of access for different personnel, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access certain areas.

The access control system can be configured to allow or deny access based on the user’s credentials, such as a key card, biometric identification, or a combination of both.

Types of Door Access Control Systems

There are several types of door access control systems available. The type of system you choose will depend on the size and complexity of your facility, and your security needs. The most common types of access control systems are:

• Smartphone Access System

Smartphone access systems are quickly becoming the popular and convenient way to control access to a facility. This system uses a smartphone app to grant access to a user. The user downloads the app from the app store and then registers their profile. Once registered, the user can use the app to open doors, gates, and other entry points. The app can be configured to provide access for specific periods of time and for certain areas. Users can also be granted or denied access based on their identity. This system offers a secure and convenient way to control access to a facility.

• Key Card Access Systems:

Key card access systems allow entry to a facility by using a card or key fob with an embedded RFID chip. This chip contains a unique code which is read by the access control system.

The user must present the card or key fob to the access control reader to be granted access. This system is secure and reliable, and is often used in large-scale commercial buildings.

• Biometric Access Systems:

Biometric access systems use a person’s unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans, to grant or deny access.

Biometric access systems are extremely secure and can accurately identify each user. This type of access system is commonly used in secure environments, such as government buildings and military installations.

• RFID Access System:

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access system is a type of access control system that uses radio frequency waves to identify and authenticate users. RFID access systems are commonly used in businesses and other facilities that require secure access for authorised personnel.

The system works by having a reader installed near the door that reads an RFID tag or card held by the user. The reader then verifies the user's credentials by reading the tag or card, and if the credentials are valid, the door is unlocked. RFID access systems can also be used for time tracking, attendance tracking, and other security-related tasks.

• Proximity Access System

A proximity access system uses a card or tag with a built-in transponder that sends a signal to a reader when it is within a certain distance of the reader. This type of access control system is often used in businesses and government offices to control access to restricted areas.

The card or tag can be programmed with specific information, such as the user's name, access level, and expiration date, to ensure only authorised individuals can enter the area. Proximity access systems are typically cost-effective and easy to install, making them a popular choice for many businesses.

Features to Look for in Door Access Control Systems

1. Security

One of the most important features to look for in a door access control system is security. Look for a system that uses multiple layers of authentication, such as biometric scanners and card readers, to ensure only authorised personnel can gain access to restricted areas. Also, ensure the system is encrypted and compliant with industry standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

2. Scalability

Another important feature to consider is scalability. Look for a door access control system that can scale up or down to meet the needs of your business. This is especially important for businesses that anticipate growth in the near future, as the system should be able to accommodate additional users and access points.

3. User Management

Look for a system that allows you to easily manage users, such as adding, deleting, and revoking access. This will help you maintain high levels of security and keep track of who is entering which areas.

4. Reporting

A good door access control system should also provide comprehensive reporting capabilities. This will allow you to generate reports on user access and activity, as well as track trends in usage and access patterns.

5. Integration

If you already have an existing security system in place, you may want to consider a door access control system that can be integrated with it. This will help you maintain a single, unified security system and reduce the need for multiple access points.

6. Cost

Cost is always an important factor to consider when purchasing any type of security system. Make sure the door access control system you choose fits within your budget and offers features that will provide the highest level of security and value.

7. Warranty

Finally, make sure the system you choose offers a good warranty. This will ensure that you are covered in case of any technical issues or defects.


Choosing the best door access control system for your business is an important decision. It is essential to consider the size of the business, the level of security needed, type of access control technology, cost, and user experience. By taking all of these factors into account, businesses can make an informed decision that will meet their security needs while also staying within their budget. With the right door access control system in place, businesses can rest assured that their premises are safe and secure.

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