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The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Your Business

The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Your Business

Security is often thought of in terms of Metal Doors, Barriers, Steel Doors and Alarms. However, Access Control is a much more common and less intrusive way to add security to your business premises, or other buildings. This involves controlling who can enter a space using various access methods.

Access control is often used in communal flats and office blocks to keep the building secure. However, it is also used in private residences, for example, in burglar alarms and personal entry codes. So, what makes access codes so effective across such a wide range of spaces?

The Various Benefits of Access Control

If you ever visit an office space, apartment complex, or gated community, you'll probably have to deal with restricted access and a keypad. This is an example of access control, where the owner of the property has installed a security gate or door that can only be opened with a code. Pressing the request button will connect you to a controller, who can then decide to let you in or not.

Besides those already mentioned, Access Control also has other known advantages that everyone can benefit from.

1. It Ensures That a Space Remains Secure

Access control code pads can have either cameras or just a microphone and speaker. Its main purpose is to keep a space secure by only allowing authorised individuals inside. The restriction helps to keep residents and property safe from burglars and other intruders who would not be able to gain entry without the proper access or authorisation.

Therefore, trespassers cannot access the building without permission, which gives the owner peace of mind knowing that the space is secure.

2. It Enables the Replacement of Lost Keys

Often, property owners may lose their keys, and although some key code systems can be programmed to allow this, they can also be updated to grant access to more than one set of keys. This may include building maintenance staff, cleaners, or concierges. Access Control allows building owners to stay in control of their property by making it easy to replace lost keys.

3. It Enhances Surveillance

Some Access Control systems will have cameras and microphones, allowing the owner to monitor who goes in and out. Such surveillance systems are useful in keeping track of deliveries, deliveries and contractors. It is especially useful if the building owner wants to know if the workers are coming in and at the agreed time, and it will also help them to see if any of the workers are carrying unauthorised items or equipment.

Trespassing is also easily detected with Access Control systems as the system will trigger an alarm.

4. For Commercial Spaces, It Tracks the Movement of Employees

Access control is very important in a workspace because it can help track employee movement and also allows employees to move between spaces without security personnel or site managers being present. It can also reduce business costs by reducing the need for on-site security personnel.

Tagging software can even be installed in Access Control systems to monitor the movements.

5. It Serves as a Security for Vacant Properties

Access control allows property owners to secure vacant properties and give them a sense of security and peace of mind. The property owner can set the Access Control so that it only opens for permitted individuals, providing them with a sense of ease should the property be vacant or used as an event space.

6. It Enables Remote Access to the Building

Access control systems can be set up so that the owner can gain access remotely. This is useful for out-of-town property owners. It is also useful for people with several properties. Using Access Control, property owners can easily track their properties' progress remotely and gain access to them while away.

Access control also is useful for apartment complexes, as it allows the property manager to key in a code to access individual rooms or apartments. This comes in handy if a resident leaves the premises without notifying the property manager.

7. It Serves as a Panic Button

The panic button can be used to alert a security officer or appropriate authorities in the event that there is an emergency. This is especially useful if an intruder gains entry to the premises. The panic button will alert security personnel and the authorities to take action. Some access control systems will also have a siren, which will go off in the event of an emergency.

If the area is under surveillance, this can also be detected, and the footage reviewed.

8. It Can Be Customised

There are many types of them on the market, so they can easily be tailored to suit your needs. Some systems will even feature access from mobile devices, which is useful for remote property owners. This can also be used to track deliveries and contractors.

The customisability of access control systems allows you to rest easy in the knowledge that your property is secure.

9. It Can Be Integrated with Other Security Systems

Access control is often used with other security systems, such as fire alarms,

and CCTV. This way, the security of the property can be maximised, and owners will have peace of mind knowing their property is well protected.

Coordinating access control with other security systems is especially useful if you have a property with several apartments. Each apartment can have its own access code, and the fire alarms, security cameras and burglar alarms can all be connected to the same access control system.

10. It is Affordable

Access control is relatively inexpensive, despite its many advantages. But the more advanced the access control system, the more expensive it will be. However, you should be able to find a system that fits within your budget. Tagging software may or may not be required, and certain features may also cost extra, but all of that will be worth it, given that everyone in the building will be protected from intruders.


Access control is useful for a wide range of situations. It is easy to protect your home, office or other property. It's relatively inexpensive, and with the many benefits outlined above, access control is a security system that everyone can benefit from.

If you are looking for a company that provides reliable access controls in Leicester, look no further than our expertise here at Rossells Security Ltd. We are Leicester’s leading home and business security specialists, providing a wide range of security options to keep you safe at all times. Call us today and let us give your home and business the control on access that it needs.


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